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Protect Assets Around the Clock with RFID Technology

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Owners and curators of valuable collections of all kinds have a vested interest in keeping safe the assets they’re responsible for. This is true whether that property consists of artwork, upscale construction materials, industrial equipment, or other expensive possessions.

Here is where RFID technology comes in. Regardless of an asset’s location or purpose, RFID technology provides around-the-clock asset monitoring solutions.


What Is RFID Technology?

RFID is an acronym that stands for “radio frequency identification.” The proper way to pronounce it is to sound out each letter separately, like this: “R-F-I-D.”

The technology consists first of tags placed on artwork, equipment, or other important assets. These tags transmit information by way of radio waves to data-capturing systems. The tags are similar to barcodes. However, they differ in that RFID tags are composed of tiny transmitters and miniscule antennae.


Electronic readers capture the data from those antennae. Then they instantly log that incoming information into computer systems. From there, human beings can review and analyze the information in real time.

The remarkable thing about this process is that the data collection and logging take place with little or no human intervention. For this reason, RFID technology provides exceptional security for artwork and historical artifacts.

Museums as well as commercial galleries now rely on RFID technology. It is also extremely useful for safeguarding temporary exhibitions, art fairs, places of worship, and large private collections.

Additionally, the business world utilizes RFID technology to safeguard equipment and machinery in offices and in industrial plants. Basically, thanks to RFID technology, it is now possible to monitor priceless artwork, expensive equipment, and other valuable assets wirelessly 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

This is because invisible sensors monitor assets discreetly in real time. Owners and other responsible parties can now monitor assets in detail and moment by moment for signs of theft, damage, and dangerous environmental change.

RFID Technology Protects Assets in Industrial Settings

RFID technology now protects assets in a variety of industrial settings. Sensors placed on assets in these environments are designed to be especially rugged and durable. Some even come with increased tracking options. This makes RFID technology ideal for protecting valuable assets in factories and warehouses. Additionally, RFID technology protects assets on farms, server farms, and construction sites.

Cutting-Edge Technology Provides Continual Monitoring for Marine Vessels

Wireless sensors are particularly useful for monitoring valuable assets, including artworks, on superyachts and mega-yachts. The RFID sensors on these vessels are made especially for the variety of environments these ships inhabit, whether at sea, at berth, or in dry dock. Moreover, the vessel’s crew can enable or disable an array of functions with the touch of a button, according to changing security needs.


Innovative Solutions Look After Rare and Expensive Assets of Any Type

Active RFID monitoring solutions can be especially tailored to meet any client’s specific needs. For example, engineers at Fortecho Solutions will design and tailor wireless solutions to protect your assets from theft and damage, regardless of your assets’ purpose and location. Fortecho protects clients’ precious assets in 35 different countries around the world with individualized cutting-edge security systems.

How Will You Safeguard Your Assets?

If your responsibilities include the protection of assets worth thousands if not millions of dollars, how are you protecting those possessions now? Install a cutting-edge RFID system, and be certain you are caring for each piece in the best possible way.