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12 Storage Ideas for Offices of London Startups

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Life in London offers plenty of luxuries and amenities. However, there are few downsides, such as the small living spaces and offices. Therefore, you have to be creative when setting up your home or office in London.

However, if you are running an office from your home and you don’t feel you are very creative then this article is for you. Here we describe some surprising ideas that can help you organize your workspace in London.

1. Install Floating Shelves for a Classy London Look

A floating shelf is a space-efficient idea that’s perfect for London interiors. This is because it replaces table surfaces by utilizing wall space. A floating shelf also adds a great stylish look. Floating shelves can easily display photo frames, ornaments, or small decorative items.

They are also an efficient way to show off a collection of design objects and accessories. This help to minimize clutter and give your office space an elegant look.

2. Choose Built-in Furniture to Fit London’s Irregular Spaces

If you need a long-term solution for storage space in south London then choose built-in furniture. In other words, have furniture made especially to fit the irregular spaces in your office. Maybe you’ll choose a foldaway desk, a bookcase, or a custom-built file cabinet. Built-in furniture will give your office a tidy and spacious look.

Home improvement experts suggest built-in furniture as the best solution for London’s small offices. Bespoke desks can fit the dimensions perfectly and become part of the room’s design. They can also offer features such as inlays, marquetry, and special finishes. A custom-built desk will give a personal touch to your office, and you will probably develop a sense of attachment to your unique desk.


3. Hide Your Printer for an Uncluttered Appearance

Have you ever noticed how messy an office looks when a bulky printer and its irregular cables dominate the space? Instead of tolerating the cluttered look, find an out-of-the-way place for for your printer, perhaps a nook that is not upfront but is still easily accessible.

Whether you are working from your London home due to COVID-19 or just because, then it’s really important to honor the structural design elements of your home office. To this end, tuck wires and cables out of sight. Better yet, purchase a wireless printer.

4. Establish an Elegant Filing System

Paperwork is the main cause of clutter in any office, whether in London or elsewhere. What’s more, it can slow you down when you need fast access to important information. But creating an efficient filing system will help you to organize your files and make your space clean and clutter-free.

Also, a well-kept file system is very helpful when you have to travel frequently, enabling you to keep things simple and avoid unnecessary stress.

5. Affix a Task Light to the Wall

Many people believe that having a tidy desk space is the key to productivity. So if yours is a small office in your London home, you may want to choose a task light rather than a freestanding lamp. As the name indicates, a task light shines a bright light on the task at hand. In other words, it will provide a focus light when you need it without taking up space.

A desktop lamp is an awesome idea, too, but messy cables can clutter the space and add disorder to your table as well as your thoughts. By securing a light to the wall you gain some extra workspace and free your mind for whatever you’re working on.

6. Keep Your London Office Tidy with Storage Aids


Keep things organized with desk sorters, box files, and filing cabinets.

To make your office look more interesting, choose contrasting colors. For example, a tall orange chest will light up a room painted deep green. Alternatively, choose a chest that is small enough to slide into the underused space below your desk.

7. Invest in Matching Furniture for Your London Home Office

Once you have set up your office with the minimal necessities, consider storing items you don’t need often in a self storage unit. For example, perhaps all you need in your office are a desk, a chair, and a filing cabinet. Then, try placing your desk in the middle of the room. Depending on the placement of windows and doors, you might have just made space for a bookcase. To pull the room together, purchase a room-sized rug with an unusual print.

8. Go Full Width with Wall Shelves

Wall-to-wall shelves are the dream of home office owners everywhere, including in London. However, lots of open storage space can look messy and cluttered in a small office if items are not placed suitably on the shelves. For a tidy look, stick to a monochrome color palette and use baskets or box files for small items.

9. Select Uniquely Shaped Shelves

You can make an unattractive workplace environment eye-catching with interesting structures. For example, a hexagonal self-storage unit will give an interesting look with their geometric shape.

10. Make Your Office Serene with an Indoor Garden

Assemble a notice board using wire mesh and attach small potted plants. Indoor plants increase the oxygen levels in a small space and thereby improve your productivity and focus. Also, attach cups for pens and even your phone. Use clips to hold papers and reminders about your work.

11. Renovate Old Filing Cabinets

Look for old filing cabinets at affordable rates at junk shops and flea markets. Then give them a fresh coat of paint and use stencils to make them beautiful. There are several vintage-style designs available online that can give you some good ideas.

To minimize desktop clutter, keep paperwork in a queue in desktop drawers.

12. Hang a Handy Wall Unit

If you don’t have sufficient space in your home office for seasonal items and files you refer to rarely, don’t let that affect your productivity. A great way for dealing with minimal storage space in south London is to choose a self-storage unit. A wall-mounted unit works well with a popup workspace and handy self-storage unit.


Wrapping Up

These startup ideas are being implemented in various startups all around London and throughout Britain. Having a tidy and organized office will create an impression on clients who visit you there. So choose storage ideas that work for your working life and your budget.