Utility Costs

3 Ways Businesses Can Reduce Their Utility Costs in 2021

Featured image from Pixabay

Utility costs are one of the biggest overheads small businesses have to manage. They can easily start eating into your bottom line. They’re also one of the areas where most businesses could save if they took the right steps. 

Unfortunately, too many decide not to do so out of ignorance or lack of effort. This is because many don’t realize how much they could actually end up saving. 

Let’s take a look at a few ways small businesses can reduce their utility bills in 2021.

Look at MVHR Technology

MVHR stands for mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. It is one of the best ways to both reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your heating/conditioning utility costs. 

The way a heat recovery system works is rather simple. Air that is pushed out of the building is mixed with air that is being pulled in. The two airflows go through an air exchanger. This allows conditioned or heated air from inside to cool or heat air that is coming in instead of being wasted. This reduces the strain on your heating or air conditioning system, allowing you to curb consumption and extend your system’s longevity.


Shop Around

If you’ve been with the same utility company for years, don’t expect them to throw you a bone because of your loyalty. The truth is they tend to work much harder on acquiring new clientele than nurturing their current one. So, if you have never tried to renegotiate your deal with them, do so immediately. However, if they refuse to accommodate you, you need to look elsewhere to find a better utility cost rate. It’s also worth considering your options with solar, especially when you take into account the time of use rates.

There are plenty of comparison services that will allow you to compare prices right on the spot. Some will even allow you to make the switch right there and then. With so many competing service providers these days, there is no reason for you to be stuck with a bad deal, so use it to your advantage.

Change Protocols and Habits

Another great way to save on utility costs is to have to look at processes within your business and see if you can catch waste anywhere. One of the first things you should do is limit air conditioning leaks as much as you can. This can be very difficult if you have a busy loading dock, for instance, but there are things that can be done there. For instance, you can install air curtains that will allow for easy access while still reducing the air flow in and out. Doing this alone could allow you to significantly cut your energy costs.

You also have to watch what your employees are doing. For one, do you have a strong shut down and unplug policy? If you don’t, you should instill the habit of closing all electronic devices and electric appliances at the end of every shift. 

Make sure that you unplug middle appliances as well. This is because they can consume energy even when they’re not on. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that devices that are plugged in and left idle could account for as much as 16% of your total energy bill. So, make sure that you address this immediately and consider installing power strips to make it easier to cut the current to multiple appliances at once.

These are all things you’ll have to take into consideration when trying to cut your utility costs. Small things eventually add up, and you should see a difference after a while if you do the work.