Workplace Accident

What to Do After a Workplace Accident in Philadelphia

Featured image by orzalaga from Pixabay

Known for its biomedical and education sectors, Philadelphia is a thriving city that’s home to more than 1.5 million residents. Whether you’ve grown up in Philly, always dreamed of living there, or relocated to take your dream job, there’s no doubt that the city can be a fantastic place to live and work. No matter where you’re located, you’ll always have to contend with the threat of workplace accidents. In Pennsylvania alone, more than 172,000 work-related illnesses and injuries are reported to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation each year. 

Furthermore, it’s important to know how to deal with an accident at your business. To come prepared, take a look at these three things to do after a workplace accident in Philadelphia:

1. Access Medical Help

Depending on the severity of the incident, your employee may need urgent medical assistance. If so, contacting emergency services immediately will ensure that medical personnel come as quickly as possible. Alternatively, your employee may choose to visit the nearest emergency room or attend your doctor’s office. 

Even if you don’t believe your employee’s injuries are serious, it’s always important to get a medical assessment after an accident. Some injuries may not become apparent for hours or days after the initial incident. However, a medical checkup will ensure a proper diagnos


2. Notify the Employer

Depending on how the accident occurred and the structure of the workplace, the employer may be aware of the incident straight away. However, if the employee works in the field, wasn’t seriously hurt, or the manager is based in another location, the employer may be unaware of the incident until they’re told.

Check the employment contract. You’re likely to find that reporting accidents straight away is one of the terms. This enables employers to investigate the cause of the incident. Also, it gives them an opportunity to reduce the risk of anyone else injuring themselves in the same way. 

As well as notifying the employer about the incident, the employee may also decide to report the accident to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). All employers have a duty to report certain incidents. But, even if mandatory reporting isn’t required, the employee can still notify OSHA of a workplace accident if they feel further investigations are necessary. 

3. Get Legal Advice

An employee may be eligible to claim workers’ compensation if they injured themselves at work. However, it could be different if the employer has been negligent. The employee may be able to take legal action against them and obtain far more compensation. 

To help you find out what the options are, contact a reputable personal injury law firm after a workplace accident. With bespoke advice and unrivaled professional support, they ensure proper compensation for the harm they’ve suffered. 

Staying Safe

According to recent statistics, most workers’ comp claims in Pennsylvania arise due to accidents in the education or healthcare sectors. With both of these industries booming in Philadelphia, it’s particularly important to be aware of the risks when employees are undertaking duties.

While it isn’t always possible to avoid workplace accidents, knowing how to respond to them and what their rights are will ensure you’re able to navigate the situation effectively.