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How to Use Your Writing Skills to Help Students Online

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Do you enjoy writing? Even better, do you have any training as a teacher or a teacher’s aide? Then you could help students online and earn money from home. Here’s how. Lots of students hate doing homework in high school and college. Homework takes up a lot of time in their lives. They feel like they’re missing out having fun or not getting enough rest due to the pressures of having to do homework every day. Some students even go the way of getting help with homework when they are struggling, and you can take advantage of that.


Lots of students hate doing homework in high school and college. Homework takes up a lot of time in their lives. They feel like they’re missing out having fun or not getting enough rest due to the pressures of having to do homework every day.

Homework is stressful for both students and parents. In fact, some students become depressed due to the huge pressure of homework. In some cases, the pressure of study and the threat of failure have even made some students feel suicidal.

However, these days students have changed the way they do their assignments. For example, many students turn to online resources to get help with their homework. They pay a fee and in return they get homework assistance from various websites.

This has helped them to free up their time. Students can now use their free time to do things they love to do. Online assistance is also helping students get better grades. These homework websites are the best-kept secrets of modern students.

How to Help Students by Being an Online Homework Assistant

Becoming an online tutor is easy, and the market for online tutors is expanding rapidly. The first question that may come to your mind is probably an ethical one. Is it legal to do someone’s homework? The answer is that it is not illegal. Moreover, as long as you are simply an online tutor who is helping students, you will be acting ethically as well. In other words, your job will be to coach them with doing their own homework, so that they learn what they need to learn.

To become an online tutor for students, follow the steps below.


Know Your Niche

There are different types of online tutoring jobs available, so first have to decide what your niche is. It is better to choose a subject area in which you have strong skills. It could be English, mathematics, coding, or any other subject area. Then you need to need to assess yourself.

Are you a subject matter expert, a professional teacher, or a student yourself who can spare some time to help other students online? Whatever your skill level, you could be earning some money. Decide what your focus will be depending on your knowledge and experience as well as the time you can give.

You also need to decide what role you can play in students’ academic lives. For example, do you want to help students write essays by working with them online? Or would you rather proofread? Alternatively, you might want to explain concepts in a particular subject area.

Select the Online Platform

Once you have a good idea of what you want to do, register yourself with one of the online platforms that offers students homework help. Each platform has its own specific business model. Select the one that best aligns with your goals.

Attract Students You Can Help Online

Most websites have multiple tutors. Students post their requirements on the website and request online price quotes. Teachers then bid to help them. Students then select the online tutors who meet their requirements and budget.

As a new tutor, it can be difficult to attract offers. This is because most students know to check the online reviews about tutors and select those with the best ratings. As a new teacher, therefore, your bids should be lower. However, once you start getting assignments make sure to collect as many good reviews and ratings as you can.

For this reason, never underestimate the value of the review section of your website profile. Here is where students who have previously used your services can provide honest online reviews.

Homework websites usually have an overall review section where they shine a spotlight on their best teachers and tutors. There are websites with individual ratings as well. These authentic reviews are placed there by students who have used the website’s services. Generally speaking, other students trust these online reviews as they understand they are honest and unbiased.

To see examples, check online HomeworkMarket reviews. Good reviews are key for any tutor who wants to help students online. A good review will help you attract assignments. More good reviews will allow you to increase your rates as you gain experience. Tutors’ rates usually start at $5 per assignment. However, a tutor with lots of good reviews can easily earn $20-$30 per assignment.

Register to at the Online Site of Your Choice

The registration process is simple. First, fill in your credentials. You’ll need to give your name, age, email address, educational qualifications, a short bio, and profile photo. Some websites ask for educational certificates and proof of identity as well. Before your profile is made public the website usually does a verification.

Helping students with their homework has become a lucrative option for earning money online. You can join these websites as a tutor and earn money from home. As parents become busier and have less time to help their children with homework, you can help fill the gap. If you have the skills to do so, start helping students lower their stress by helping them with their homework online.