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4 Examples of Effective Loyalty Programs on BigCommerce

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BigCommerce is a brilliant solution for businesses looking to start an online store within a short space of time. BigCommerce is a paid-for e-commerce system that helps owners sell their products and services online.

How Does BigCommerce Work?

BigCommerce is a hosted system, meaning it runs on its own servers instead of on your internet and browser. Therefore, you can access your online store from anywhere and customize it to your liking. You can sell digital items and physical goods on BigCommerce—and they can even help you market the store online. It’s pure genius!

A loyalty program can push a business ahead of the competition and make your products stand out from the crowd. Moreover, customer loyalty schemes can improve your customer retention and grow your market share.

E-commerce platforms have numerous benefits, from minimizing your business expenditures to improving your search engine visibility. BigCommerce is convenient for you, your team, and your customer base. Customers can access your store online all day, every day, and they will be greeted with a streamlined service. Say goodbye to crashing websites. And say hello to a seamless shopping site. BigCommerce will utilize search engine optimization and drive traffic toward your site. This e-commerce platform will find placeholders for product descriptions and use relevant information throughout.


Loyalty Lion lists the four best brands that are utilizing the BigCommerce platform.

Check Out Bath and Unwind’s Stand-Out Loyalty Scheme on BigCommerce

Bath and Unwind offers beauty products to customers worldwide. They use BigCommerce to compete with online industry giants like Amazon. Bath and Unwind has built lasting relationships with their customers with a loyalty program. Their loyalty scheme is visible on Bath and Unwind’s main header, so that customers can create an account and see their points balance. Customers are motivated to invest more in Bath and Unwind so they can receive more points and perks at the online store.


The Streamlined Website by Until Gone Has a Personalized Approach

Until Gone is a tailored-to-fit retailer. This online store uses BigCommerce to offer a personalized online experience. Similar to Bath and Unwind, Until Gone utilizes a loyalty scheme to increase customer retention and revenue.

A pop-up notification on the website informs the customer of the loyalty scheme at Until Gone. They can see their points balance, customer profile, and account there. They understand they can earn more points when they click on the loyalty scheme. Until Gone offers a streamlined website that is simple to use for making purchases

Loyalty programs are far more effective than marketing emails. However, it’s important to make your loyalty program personal and tailored to your customer base. For example, a younger customer base may respond better to a loyalty scheme incorporating social media.

Modernist Pantry’s Social Media Strategy Drives Engagement

Modernist Pantry is a BigCommerce culinary site which turns regular meals into experiences. In 2020, food and drink were the most searched topic on Instagram. Modernist Pantry used social media in their loyalty program to keep new customers and members engaged and interested. Modernist Pantry has more than 10.7k followers on Instagram and a fabulous online community.

Like Modernist Pantry, play up the strengths of your business and integrate them into your loyalty scheme.

Find Your Brand Colors Like The Mountain Did

The Mountain is an eco-friendly apparel manufacturer that uses personalization on their website. Additionally, they incorporated unique brand colors into their loyalty scheme to stand out from other business. Everything about their website reflects their brand identity and purpose.


How Will You Set up Your Loyalty Program on BigCommerce?

There is little doubt that a loyalty program will help an online retailer succeed. Visit the sites we mention here. Then study these examples of loyalty programs as well as those of other sites on BigCommerce. As you do, you will find your way to an approach that will work best with your BigCommerce store.