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5 Ways to Earn Money While Staying Home During the Pandemic

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Let’s not exaggerate, but recent times have been very difficult. Though you might not have experienced the tragic loss of a loved one, the pandemic has probably still affected your business and your investments. To make matters worse, many people are still staying home because of the pandemic.


Whether you’re staying home out of an abundance of caution or because the virus is still raging where you live, you may be faced with finding new ways of making a living. If you’re trying to find sources of income to carry on, we’re here to help. There are some ways to bring in money during the pandemic, even if you must still stay at home.

And if you’re one of the fortunate ones who haven’t lost income or loved ones, you can use any extra cash from a side gig to pay off debts or add some funds to your emergency bank account.

1. Make Money in Vocations That Came of Age During the Pandemic

In the prime time of the pandemic, smart business owners pivoted to satisfy new customer needs. Examples might be anyone who is selling hand sanitizer or clothing manufacturers that began making masks.

Sadly, it’s possible that these two ships have probably sailed. For example, there are many people now who are stuck with a garage full unsold sanitizers. Also, the mask market has pretty much shrunk to nothing in many areas.

However, there are still some important businesses you could start. For example:

  • Cleaning services – Perhaps you could not have done this while everything was locked down. However, now that businesses and schools are beginning to open back up again, more and more people will be needing housekeeping services.
  • Online education – India alone expects 10 million registrations in institutions of higher learning during 2021. Additionally, the epidemic has rekindled interest in massive open online courses (MOOCs) and webinars. Therefore, if you have expertise or a skill you can share, offer your services online in this way.
  • Entertainment – Even before the epidemic, immersive games, virtual reality (VR), and dating apps were on the rise. So, if you’ve got a thought for a fun app, you could enter this market.
  • Medical supply and medical devices – The coronavirus pandemic definitely shone a light on the healthcare industry. Moreover, demand will probably remain high for some time to come. Therefore, this remains an open opportunity. For example, depending on your skills and training, you could start a home health nursing business, for example.
  • Visual health care – The past year put optical healthcare, like the rest of healthcare, front and center. In fact, this sector is expected to reach $3.3 billion by 2026. Do you have skills in this domain?
  • Asset management – If you have experience with asset management, you could offer remote consulting services while staying at home.
  • Communication technology – Advanced technologies in the communications sector help to stop the spread of viruses. Do you have training in this field? If so, go online, perhaps on the social media app Nextdoor, and offer your services to your neighbors.
  • Electronic funds transfers – For years, many of us have fretted over making online payments by way of digital wallets. We wondered, are these safe? However, we are beginning to see that along with their flexibility and ease of use, digital wallets do not spread viruses as notes and coins do. These tools will make it easier for you to bring in some extra cash while staying at home.

2. Earn Money While Staying at Home by Offering Your Professional Services

Are you a much-needed professional, such as an attorney, a mechanic, an accountant, or maybe an antiques appraiser? If so, you could earn as much as $60,000 or more annually. Do this either by forming an LLC with an accompanying website or by offering your services by way of a professional employment site.


However, you need not worry if you are not in one of these professional categories. There is still plenty of work for remote independent contractors and freelancers. You could offer your services on various freelancer marketplaces such as Upwork or Fiverr. Examples of these kinds of workers include virtual assistants, remote librarians, graphic designers, freelance writers, and IT support professionals.

3. Share Your Thoughts While Staying at Home

Many sites pay you to complete online surveys. These surveys typically only take a couple of minutes to finish because they are so simple.


What’s the downside? You won’t get paid all that much. In fact, you’ll usually make only around $3 per survey, although some pay as much as $35 for a survey. However, if your finances are in dire straits, you might be willing to accept even a nominal amount of additional revenue.

4. Try Your Hand at Day Trading While Staying at Home

You probably have plenty of time on your hands these days. But instead of lazing around or watching TV all day, get your budget back on track by doing a little day trading. We’re talking about making money on Exness. Approach it cautiously, as day trading can be risky, but if you do it right, it can be a source of income.

5. Make Some Careful Investments

Take pains to educate yourself first. Then, you can invest safely in the stock market. Diversify your portfolio with low-risk investments such as bonds, as well as riskier investments that could yield a quick return, such as stocks in startup tech companies. The right strategy will usher in more revenue streams, even while you’re staying at home.

Create Your Own Success While Staying at Home During the Pandemic

Start by looking to see where you’re spending your hard-earned money. Then cancel any subscriptions or memberships you don’t need at the moment. Basically, stop your budget’s hemorrhaging by cutting unnecessary expenses.

Then set to work creating your own good fortune while staying within the confines of your home. In other words, don’t languish while waiting for the pandemic to subside. Start a side gig immediately that will let you begin making money today.