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How to Earn Money Through a Video Game Business

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Video games have become one of the best modes of entertainment for many people. Many people play video games to reduce stress in their lives, while others play as a hobby. The online gaming industry has seen explosive growth over the last few years, especially during this pandemic. Gaming helped people to pass their time by playing online games when they had nothing else to do at home.

However, are video games really just a hobby or for entertainment? Well, many people are earning a lot of money by gaming. With all of this growth, there are now a surplus of opportunities for gamers to make money from their favorite online games. In this article, we will talk about the top ways of how to earn money through the online games business.

Best Ways to Earn Money Playing Video Games

If you think you are a noob and have no chance to make some revenue from here, then you are wrong. Because along with the pro gamers, many newbies are also earning money from here. Therefore, you can do it too. You just need to have patience so that you won’t leave in the middle. Here are the best ways to earn money through the online game business:

1. Video Game Reviewer

The first one is to become a video game reviewer. There are a lot of video games on the market. Moreover, gaming companies release around eighty thousand games per year. Each game has its own fan-base. 

You can make review videos on new video game releases, as well as older ones that have a big market. It will help you to get attention from a specific audience. Even companies can hire you to make an early review on their game if you get enough followers of your reviews.


2. Beta Game Tester

The second option is to become a beta video game tester. What does a beta game tester do? There are some differences between a quality assurance tester and a beta game tester. A beta tester gets the chance to play a game after it passes specific assessments. So, a beta gamer tries out the games before release and gives his opinion about whether the game is fun or what should be included to make the game better.  Many game development companies hire beta testers before releasing the game so that they can ensure people are going to love it.

3. Quality Assurance Tester

A quality assurance tester has to do a lot more than a beta tester. To become a quality tester, you should have a background in tech-related subjects, mostly programming. In addition, you have to be a professional video gamer. 

A quality assurance tester tries to find out the bugs and glitches in the game so that the developers can resolve them. It is similar to a child playing with a new toy. You have to understand the modes of the games, the strategies; you have to tear the game apart. This way, the developers can fix the errors before releasing the game in stores. Besides, you will get the chance to play many versions of a single game which is enjoyable. 


4. YouTube Channel

Who doesn’t know PewDiePie? He is one of the most famous game streamers who earns around $1.6 million per month from his YouTube channel. So, there is a massive chance of making money from YouTube by playing video games. You just have to upload quality content like walkthrough, review, tutorial, or highlights. If your content is better, you will get more viewers. Then YouTube will enable the option for monetization where you can earn money. 

5. Get Paid by Sponsors

The next thing is you can look for sponsors who will pay you money to promote their services while playing video games. However, to do this you have to become a professional video gamer in the industry. No one will invest in your content if they don’t get any sales from there. That is why you have to get a lot of visitors and followers on YouTube and Twitch. 

If you think you have a large enough fan-base to get a sponsor, then you can start approaching sponsors. The first thing is you have to impress them with the strategy of how the promotion will be beneficial for them. You can search online or social media to find sponsors for your videos.

6. Video Game Coach

The most enjoyable position in a gaming career is becoming a gaming coach. As the video gaming industry grows, the opportunities for video gamers are increasing. Every year a lot of gaming competitions take place around the world. They are known as E-Sports Championships. The pro gamers from around the world participate in those leagues and tournaments as teams. If you are a pro gamer in any specific game, you can become a team coach. 

These are the top ways of how to earn money through the online gaming business. The best way to start earning from playing video games is by first finding an audience that will want to watch your gameplay on Twitch or YouTube. From there, it’s just about creating content consistently and building up your following until sponsors come knocking at the door asking if they can sponsor you as well. With experience and skills, you also can become the next PewDiePie.