Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety in UAE: Travel Tips for Your Next Business Trip

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Are you considering taking a business trip to United Arab Emirates (UAE)? The UAE is a hub for business, entertainment, and enjoyment as it has become the most advanced region in the world. The infrastructure progress in Dubai attracts investors and tourists to visit and avail many opportunities there. Everyone in Dubai loves to drive their car on roads and enjoy a smooth ride. If you are taking a business trip and are a new driver, then you must consider travel safety, traffic safety, and road rules to avoid inconvenience in the state.

Dubai government is working strictly to implement road safety rules to protect the lives of people. Recently, the government has formulated strict traffic rules for the citizens and every person that wants to drive a car on the Dubai roads. It will ensure everyone’s safety and fewer traffic accidents.

What You Should Consider While Driving in UAE

It’s essential to understand the traffic rules and legal matters before driving a car. It will save your life, time, and money as the UAE government has imposed heavy fines on traffic rules. There are some basic things to consider, such as:

Car Insurance Policy

It’s the most important thing you should consider before driving a car in Dubai after buying it. You must ensure you have a car insurance policy to compensate for any damage during a car accident. Car insurance in UAE is the most highlighted factor for car owners because you can’t risk losing your vehicle and money. Therefore, you must connect with car insurance companies in Dubai for insurance purposes. You can claim any damage to your car by utilizing insurance services. It will save you cost and make it available for other business opportunities.


Research Safety Measures Taken by the Government

It’s essential to consider the safety measures taken by the UAE government to avoid excessive car accidents and other mishaps on the roads. The safety cameras are installed on every area along the roadside to monitor traffic continuity and traffic violation. If you violate any traffic rule, then safety cameras keep an eye on your every activity and capture your vehicle with the assistance of traffic police.

So, if you hit someone by your car and he is fine you have to pay a fine. However, if the person dies or injured, you have to go to jail for this mishap. In case of the death of a person from a car accident, you have to pay at least $55,000 USD. 

Keep a Safe Distance Between Cars

Dubai is a hub for adventure, entertainment, and business. Cars rush on the roads at all hours of the day and night with high speed on motorways. It would be best if you kept a safe distance between vehicles to avoid any traffic accidents. Always try to maintain safe speed according to travel and safety rules and smooth flow of the traffic. Keep all your attention on the road to avoid accidents.

Always Follow the Traffic Rules

  • Each state provides its citizens’ traffic rule map to encourage them to follow them and avoid car accidents and traffic violations. 
  • You must follow the traffic rules even if you have car insurance in UAE. Others’ lives are much more important than material items.
  • If you are moving at a high speed, then use the fast lane. This way other cars can smoothly move behind you.
  • Use Hazard lights in case of emergency; it will indicate to other cars that you might have some car issues, and they will slow down their cars or allow you to change traffic lane easily.
  • Always use indicators while changing the lane so that behind cars can detect your moving track and slow down.
  • Keep your driving license with yourself at all times. Behave politely with the traffic police to avoid any convenience or other issues.
  • Always try to keep a three second drive distance from the front car.
  • Always avoid hand gesture to change your car direction.

Never Use Mobile Phones While Driving

It’s the primary thing to consider while driving in Dubai: never use a mobile phone while driving as it’s illegal by traffic rules and violation of road safety and traffic rules. Keep your mobile phone aside to concentrate on your driving for a safe journey and road safety. Some people use a cell phone while driving and think they can avoid being caught. But, you have to know that it’s dangerous for yourself and others.You Will Be Fined for:

  • Not wearing seat belts, as a result, you have to pay a minimum fine of 400 AED with four black points on your driving license. 
  • In case of overtaking, you will be fined a minimum of 1000 AED with six black points on your driving license.
  • In case of creating a troubling environment for someone’s life, you will be fined with the maximum black points on a driving ID card.
  • You will be fined heavily for not obeying traffic rules or violating road safety rules with maximum black points that may lead to the cancellation of your driving license.