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If you have suffered setbacks in your business recently, you may be looking for ways to raise capital quickly. For example, perhaps you would like to sell a house fast in London. Whether the house in question is income-producing property or your home, you might need to move quickly. If so, keep reading, because we have some good news for you.


There may come a day when you find yourself in the situation where you need to sell your property quickly. You can try to sell your house fast through the traditional route with estate agents. However, this will not be quick. In fact, it can often take months, or even years, to finalize. However, Home House Buyers offers a faster alternative to traditional methods, one which is completely hassle free for you.

If you need a fast house sale in London, for example, you can trust their team to achieve it. They provide a fair cash offer for all properties, regardless of the condition or location. Plus, they pay all the fees for you too. Call them on 0808 501 5548 to find out more about the process and how to sell your house fast, London residents.

How to Sell House Fast in London

Selling your property, even when you don’t have a time limit, can be extremely stressful. When you add a short timeframe to the process, it becomes even more stressful. The team at Home House Buyers is well aware of this. That is why they provide a simple, hassle-free service for those who need to sell a house fast in London. Their service is a much faster alternative to traditional methods. In fact, the entire process can be completed within 14 days.

Their process to sell a house fast is simple, efficient, and completely hassle-free. First, their team will ask a few questions about the condition of your property. With this information, their team will provide you with a fair cash offer for your home within 24 hours.

At this point, it is up to you whether you accept their offer and proceed with the fast house sale in London. If you choose to continue and accept their offer, they will send a team member to your property to carry out an inspection. You will be talked through the rest of the process and asked to sign a contract of sale.

Once you have signed the contract, solicitors will carry out a survey. (But remember, Home House Buyers will pay all the fees for the sale.) Upon receiving satisfactory results from the survey, the team will be ready to complete the property sale. However, the final completion date is up to you. When you agree to complete, you will be sent the money and your property will be sold.

Can I Request a Fast House Sale?

You may be wondering if there are certain criteria that need to be met before you can request a fast house sale. The good news is that there are no specific criteria you need to meet in order to sell a house fast in London. Home House Buyers will buy any property, regardless of condition or location, all for a fair cash price.

While there are no specific criteria needed, there are a few common reasons as to why people need a fast house sale from Home House Buyers. These include:

  • Divorce
  • Emigration
  • Probate
  • Repossession
  • Business Failure

Request Your Fast House Sale, London

While it can take months, if not years, to sell a property through traditional methods, Home House Buyers provides a hassle-free service that takes only 14 days. If you need to sell house fast, London residents, you need look no further than their team for a fair cash price and swift service.

To find out more about their process, call Home House Buyers today on 0808 501 5548 or send an email to [email protected]