4 Important Signs Your Business Is Ready to Move

Featured image by Toa Heftiiba

As your business grows, your office may no longer suit your needs. However, when you’re handling day-to-day business operations, you may not immediately notice signs indicating it’s time to move to new offices.

That doesn’t need to happen! You simply need to take stock of your current situation. It may be time to move to new offices if:

1. You’re Having Trouble Finding New Employees

Naturally, you’ll likely realize you need to move your business to new offices if your current space can’t accommodate a growing workforce. However, sometimes struggling to find new hires is also a sign that your existing office space isn’t serving your needs.

It may not be that your office itself isn’t ideal, but it may be the location. If your office is in an inconvenient or dangerous area that job-seekers wouldn’t prefer to travel to every day, you may be limiting your applicant pool.

Evaluate your office’s location, taking note of any factors that might make it less-than-desirable to job candidates. It could be time to look for space somewhere else to move into.


2. The Environment is Unappealing

When you first started your business, your budget may have been tight, forcing you to settle for office space that was a little old, run-down, or unattractive. Or, perhaps you’ve been in the same office for several years, and the environment has taken a turn for the worse. Maybe problems such as mold growth have even begun to develop.

Working in an unhealthy or otherwise unappealing environment can have a negative impact on productivity. If you think you can justify the cost of upgrading to a new location, strongly consider doing so.

Keep in mind that along with boosting productivity, by making the move to a more attractive office, you’ll also improve your chances of making the right impression on visiting clients. Thus, moving to a new office may pay for itself sooner rather than later.


3. Communication Has Broken Down

An office’s design should allow departments to easily collaborate and communicate directly when necessary. When your business was small, maybe your office’s layout suited your needs in this capacity.

As your company grows and new departments are created, the current office space may not allow for effective collaboration. If you begin to notice this, consider whether your office’s design may be the cause of the problem. Plan a move to an office with a better layout to ensure the success of your business.

4. Employees Seem Less Motivated Than Usual

Various employee issues can indicate an office is no longer right for your needs. Again, if the office’s overall condition has deteriorated, productivity may take a hit. A cluttered and crowded office can also distract employees who may otherwise tend to be focused. Along with the loss of productivity, a surprisingly high turnover rate may also be a sign of an office that’s negatively impacting employee attitudes.

Ask about these topics during exit interviews and anonymous employee surveys. If numerous employees express dissatisfaction with your office, it’s time to move elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to move to a new space can be a big undertaking with many moving parts. As you start the relocation journey, be sure to create a move plan and thoroughly research an office moving company. It’s best to hire a moving company that specializes in office and industrial moves. They have the skill set needed to effectively pack, move, and reassemble your office items, including servers, computers, electronic equipment, desks, chairs, and furniture, all while minimizing downtime. 

Don’t add to your stress! Keep an eye out for these warning signs telling you it’s time to relocate to new offices, and carefully choose a moving company when the time does come.