Business Translation

Business Translation: The Key to International Expansion

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If you run a business and want the opportunity to sell your products abroad, it can be a big step towards expansion for you and your company. However, in order to reach your target group in countries where English is not often spoken, you´ll need to address it in its national language. Easy enough since there are so many translation tools available, right? There are indeed many programs that translate your texts for you, but you should distance yourself from those.You should consider using a business translation instead.

A translation tool or program will never be able to translate your texts correctly and to bring across the true gist of them. On top of that, you should be aware that your texts should not just be grammatically correct, but should also match the cultural, legal, and idiomatic aspects of your target country.

What Is Business Translation?

Business texts can be divided in two groups, official and informal documents. Both types of documents should be translated accurately and tailored to the culture of the target country.

On Alphatrad’s website, businesses find a broad variety of translation and subtitle offers. By creating texts that bring across their customers’ message and that are appealing to their readers, Alphatrad can help you get the first foot in the door on a new market. The business translation agency has experts for all types of texts and for different fields.


Business Translation Considerations

When thinking about expanding to a new country, you won’t get around the topic of translation. While many providers know how to translate a document into a grammatically correct text in another language, it takes experts and natives to create a text that will help a business flourish on a new market.


If you operate in a certain branch, you have a lot of expertise. Ideally, your website, your emails, quotations, or legal certificates reflect that. The texts you use in order to convince potential customers should be rich in information. Therefore, they often include specific terminology. At the same time, you shouldn´t pontificate – a fine line.

It takes someone who isn’t only fluent in the target language, but someone, who also has a good understanding of your field of business to transfer the content efficiently from a professional business translation company.


If you want to expand, it’s your goal to create new customers in an unknown market. If your texts are part of your marketing strategy, it is important they catch the audience’s attention. Nobody will finish a boring text that doesn’t add value to their life. Translations come to life when the translator knows and uses idioms or metaphors. The latter paint images out of words. A program cannot do that.


Jawarhalal Nehru said that “culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit.” If your business in planning to enter a foreign market, it should accept and welcome the cultural aspects. It’s a process, which starts right when you launch your new website in another country. Never underestimate how important it is to appreciate the culture. Be sure to hire a translator, who can reflect your appreciation by creating appropriate translations.


When having to hire a business translation agency for your documents, keep in mind that you might have to meet deadlines. Make sure to find an agency that delivers high-quality translations in time.


As many business documents are very sensitive, you´ll want to find a trustworthy partner to translate them. Remember, good agencies will offer confidentiality agreements.

Legal System

As some of your documents might relate to legal stipulations of your home country, you should be aware that your translator will need to realize that. They should know the current stipulations in your target country and create documents that don’t contradict those.


The Importance of Accurate Translations

When your team created content for your business’s appearance, they most certainly didn’t leave the result to chance. The single words have been placed and strung together for a reason. Only an accurate translation manages to create a new text, which is just as much on point.

Depending on your business branch, you´ll need a translation that is professional and correct. These are the most common types of business translation:

Technical Translation

Engineering, construction industry or other fields require a lot of technical knowhow and terminology. The translation must pick that up. Otherwise, the texts might be incomprehensible or simply incorrect.

Legal, Judicial and Juridical Translation

Legal translations are another type of document that require an experienced translator. Especially, if the documents are meant for official purposes. It’s fatal for those to contain errors. Only experts should translate documents issued by courts or other official legal offices.

Literary Translation

Prose and poetry are often translated in books, on websites, or in online magazines. While many can get the gist of the texts across, it takes an expert to transfer the whole entity of the text to a foreign language. Stylistic devices, idioms, metaphors, and a lot more should appear in the translation as well, without getting lost in it.

Financial and Economic Translation

Finances and economics are highly volatile topics. It takes an experienced person with a suitable background to translate your documents into technically correct texts that won´t confuse your foreign readers.