Video Advertising

Video Advertising: How to Cultivate Success

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All businesses need advertising to be successful, and video advertising is one of the most fruitful types of advertising. It stands to reason then, the use of video marketing in an advertising campaign will make the campaign more successful. However, you have to go beyond simply having video content to achieve a favorable result. Your videos must be well-done, seen often, and evoke a response to garner the most desirable outcome. Follow this advice to optimize your video advertising success.


Hire Professionals

When it comes to getting, maintaining, and using the best video-style marketing and advertising formats out there, it is always best to go with a professional. Professionals have the training, experience, equipment, staff, and access to create the best quality and most effective video advertisements possible. 

It takes many different individuals and specialized equipment to make high-quality video productions. The professionals have the camera crews, stunt people, hairstylists, costume designers, musicians, writers, editors, teleprompters, props, moving cameras, and complex editing programs that it takes to do it. Professionals like Indigo video production company also usually have the ability to create multiple videos at one time to put across multiple mediums, including TV commercials, social media promotions, corporate videography, and more.

In addition to being able to create the content, video advertising professionals have the experts and knowledge needed to efficiently and beautifully edit and distribute the videos they create. You also know ahead of time what you are paying for and what you can reasonably expect to get when the video is complete because you have access to other customers’ reviews and examples of the professional’s past work. 

Hiring a professional also means entering a contract that guarantees you will get a finished version of your video that is ready to use. You will not have to spend any of your own time and effort. “Homemade” videos often fail because they are seen as amateur and while they may be remembered, it is generally not in a good way.


Be First and Far-Reaching

Consider using an SEO agency for any of the video advertising content that you choose to publish online. With their help your intended audience will see your videos first. A professional company that specializes in SEO will also increase the amount of traffic that sees your videos. This drives increases in sales, leads, recognition, and other quantifiable results. 

Getting expert SEO advice and service will best ensure that you land on the first few pages of any search engine. Therefore, potential customers and audiences will see your business to make inquires. Again, a professional will have far better education, know-how, and practice than you. Use a professional to get SEO right and ensure the results you want.

It’s important your video advertising is the first one people see when they search for your product or specialty. Also, you should make sure that your broadcast is regularly seen all over. The best way for everyone to see it is to upload it onto various media platforms. Some examples include TV, digital billboards, corporate networks, social media, and the internet.

Also, make sure that your advertisement fits all or has a version for all types of media devices. Some common devices include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, full-size computer screens, and TVs. What works for a television screen does not necessarily function correctly when directly transferred to a tablet or mobile phone. So, take the time to ensure it looks and plays the way you want it to across all desired platforms. 

Be Familiar

Having your video published on multiple platforms will also increase the chance your intended audience will become familiar with it. It also helps to have content that is easier for people to identify with or that introduces them to you and your personal values rather than just an idea or product.

It’s okay if your video does not have yourself in it. However, as long as consumers can identify with or recognize the people that are shown on the screen, then they are far more likely to believe in and want to hear more about the concept or merchandise being promoted.

Engage Multiple Senses

Make sure your video advertising is audiovisual for starters. Audiovisual presentations already activate two of the five senses at one time. This is something print and pictures simply cannot do. Having sound as well as imagery is more appealing and more memorable to the average person. This in turn will make your advertisement more interesting to watch. And, it will lead to a positive reception of the message presented in your video. 

The use of both sound and sight is already more tempting for your audiences when creating your video advertising ideas. However, add touch, smell, and taste to the mix and you add a whole new level of awesome. The more senses your video stimulates the better the emotional and psychological response it evokes.

Studies have shown that marketing to the senses can be far more effective because most people react and act according to emotions over logistics. Emotions also tend to be more closely tied to memory. Thus, eliciting an emotional response with your advertisement will help make your idea or product unforgettable. 

You might think that it is hard to trigger the senses of smell, taste, and touch with audiovisual content but that’s untrue. The simple sight of food a person has indulged in before and has a distinct memory of can make them smell, taste, and even feel the food in their mouths as though it was actually there in that moment.

A well-placed model, actor, or any person that shows emotion and reacts to smell, taste, or touch sensations in an audible and visual way can also conjure up those same feelings in the person watching via sympathetic and empathetic responses. Actually, engaging multiple senses is fairly simple to do. It’s very effective so you should do it with video advertising as often as possible.

Bottom Line

When it comes to advertising, video advertising consistently comes out on top. Make sure that your video advertisements come out on top too by using these tips and tricks.