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8 Design Tools Budding Business Owners Should Know About

Featured image by John Jennings on Unsplash

Congratulations on starting your own business! You’ve taken the first step on the journey toward success by beginning to grow your company and its services. The internet currently has excellent software for business owners to use. For example, these eight design tools can help you establish a professional brand identity and generate quality content.


Pixlr, an intuitive photo editor, is a design tool that will end up being your best friend. This free software has AI-powered tools for quick, high-quality photo editing and graphic design.

Pixlr users can work with empty canvases or templates. Key features include filters and effects, removing backgrounds, and plenty of available stock content. Multiple image formats work with Pixlr. These include PSD (Photoshop), PXD, JPEG, PNG, and more, meaning you never have to fret about matching formats.

Its immense range of possibilities and free services makes Pixlr a popular option for growing businesses. Business owners can create content tailored to social media networks, such as Youtube thumbnails, Facebook posts, and Instagram stories. Pixlr also allows you to design PowerPoint presentations, resumes, brochures, business cards, newsletters, and even wedding invitations.


Pablo from Buffer

Bookmark Pablo from Buffer for straightforward but elegant photo-editing software. Pablo has a collection of more than 50,000 images and more than 25 gorgeous fonts. The best part? All of its design tools fit on one easily accessible page.

In addition to photos and fonts, users have control over formatting. Filters alter the atmosphere of your design. Additionally, you can add original text or choose from Pablo’s quotation collection. Integrate your business into the image with a logo or graphic, then use the software’s tools size the overall design to fit any platform.

The beauty of Pablo stems from its simplicity. Because of this simplicity, any business owner can produce well-crafted content through this site. The limited choices actually benefit you, since you can focus on the content itself.

Tailor Brands

Home in on your business’s unique visual personality with Tailor Brands. The AI-powered logo designing company understands the importance of brand identity for growing businesses. A design algorithm suggests multiple logos with different icons, fonts, and colors.

Tailor Brands makes creating logos effortless. Its tools guide you through the process of entering your company’s details to generate designs in various styles. Thereafter, you have free rein to customize it, and you only pay if you love the final product.

You can use and resize the downloaded PNG and vector file for branding materials. Use these on social media, websites, and print media. An account grants you access to a design studio where you can create brand assets and make tweaks to your designs. Moreover, with their digital asset management, your creative elements are stored in your account, easily managed and retrievable.

Brand identity can make or break a business. Tailor Brands provides users with design tools to make logos that are perfectly suited to a client’s industry and personality. This means you can solidify your brand hassle-free.


Ready to start designing products for your business? Mockplus has you covered. This all-in-one product design platform has tools that work great for prototyping, collaboration, and developing design systems.

With Mockplus Classic, you can work with pre-designed components and icons. Additionally, you can create design assets or interactions. Its Cloud plan allows designers, product managers, and front-end developers to collaborate for smooth design-to-development handoffs. What’s more, Mockplus DS is a design system manager where teams can work on all components. Here, they can collaborate and build brand identity.

Companies looking to develop consistent products will feel confident with the design tools they will find on Mockplus. They’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes design faster, smarter, and easier. So take a peek at their plans to spark your inspiration.


You’ll have way too much fun playing with the design tools on this website. Coolors, a color scheme generator, allows you to select your signature color palette. With inspiration galore, discovering your brand’s colors becomes a blast.

Coolors expanded users’ capabilities to create palettes with less or with more than five colors. Additionally, you can organize palettes into projects or collections and save your favorites to a library. The site features a collage maker, gradient maker, and an explore page with trending palettes.

Their coolest feature, though, is the color contrast checker. It tells you how well two colors contrast. This is perfect for visualizing colors for your website, media, and logo. Colors carry a lot of significance for industries, and playing with options will help you find your ideal shades.


Let’s face it. There are too many fonts in the world to go through every one. But Mixfont generates font combinations for a fun, simple way to discover and visualize your written voice.

The team of designers and developers behind Mixfont’s design tools agreed that discovering the best fonts for every creative project was daunting. Their product has more than a thousand unique fonts and more than 600,000 pairings in 132 languages. The font generator presents different pairings so you can find typefaces that speak to your business’s personality and style.

Every visual a business uses tells a story, and the fonts you choose serve as your written voice. Eliminate the challenge of finding your voice and uncover fresh inspiration using Mixfont.


Canva holds infinite potential. This site empowers businesses to design and publish any kind of content. To create and organize several marketing products, Canva is your best bet.

Canva lets you design anything. Presentations, videos, Instagram and Facebook posts, posters, logos, resumes, business cards—you have countless professional templates to customize. You even have access to photo editing software.

This site makes collaboration easy for your creative team. You have joint folders and real-time collaboration across companies and departments. While Canva does have a free plan, Canva Pro and Canva Enterprise specifically serve businesses with social scheduling, team templates, brand management, and productivity tools.

Finding a site that does it all is rare. With Canva, your company can start small and scale up as you grow. The convenience and diverse tools make creating and organizing your marketing materials a dream.


Every successful business needs a functional and neat website. Wix, a cloud-based, user-friendly website platform, allows you to construct your ideal website. Through templates and customization by way of design tools on Wix, you’ll launch your web presence in style.

Moreover, starting a website on Wix is free, though businesses will want to pay for Business, eCommerce, or Enterprise plans for more capabilities and features. With the free version, you get a custom domain name and a mobile-optimized version of your site. You can connect to social media accounts and start a blog to attract readers and visitors.

A reliable, professional website helps people take your company seriously. Wix guides you through building your site while giving you creative freedom. They even have Artificial Design Intelligence to build a personalized site for you with custom text and images. If website design feels intimidating, start with Wix and enjoy the creative process.


Time to Explore

There you have it! Eight incredibly useful online design tools to boost your business to the next level. These sites serve as a great starting point as you continue to discover new potential for your company. Just remember to stay centered and take it one step at a time.