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How to Protect Your Electronic Components from Corrosion

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Electronic components are often sensitive pieces of equipment that need careful protection during their time in storage or transportation. As a business handling electronic components, you will want to ensure that you have access to high-quality packaging solutions.

No matter the size, shape, or number of items, you must be confident that you can maintain the integrity of your equipment however long it is stored or wherever you transport it. Here, we ask Protpack what solutions could be appropriate for protecting electronic components from corrosion.


What Are My Choices?

Traditional methods for preventing corrosion of electronic components and other sensitive parts are no longer always suitable. This is especially the case for highly sensitive intricate builds or when components require storage for long periods. For example, painting or greasing comes at high labor commitment to apply and clean away. This may not be practical for highly complex electronic equipment.

Alternatively, you could choose to use high levels of desiccant, which is again costly and variable by climate. Additionally, this may result in the need for additional climate-controlled warehousing and vehicles at a further cost.

LDPE or HDPE film is also an option. However, this is not suitable for extended storage or shipping. Moreover, it can cause problems with electronic components that are highly sensitive or when storage and transport carry a humidity risk. Therefore, while they may be ideal for short-term protection, they do not offer a longer-term solution. This is because this type of packaging still requires the use of desiccant, potentially in large volumes, to absorb excess moisture.

Protpak 3D Barrier Bag
Protpack 3D Barrier Bag

Aluminum Barrier Foil Packaging Is a Good Choice

For many components, aluminum barrier foil is the packaging likely to offer the most suitable solution. This is because it offers corrosion protection no matter the length of time a product or component is stored or transported. Once a product is packaged in aluminum barrier foil, air will be removed, taking the majority of water vapor with it. This reduces the amount of desiccant required to provide complete protection.

The benefits of choosing aluminum barrier foil packaging for electronic components and other climate-sensitive products are vast. They could include:

  • Low water vapor transmission. This aspect protects components from moisture and other atmospheric damage.
  • UV ray and grease protection.
  • One-person sealing operation and reduced sealing time.
  • Reduced modified-atmosphere warehousing and desiccant use.
  • Static dissipative and electrostatic discharge (ESD)-shielding. Also, you can choose military-approved and food-grade laminates.
  • Standard means of disposal means no costly waste.
  • Clean exterior for handling.
  • Protective packaging that offers maximum protection for any duration and conditions.


What Type of Packaging Options Can I Get for My Company’s Electronic Components?

In addition to the protection this type of packaging provides, it’s also a flexible solution. You can choose 3D barrier box bags and liners. What’s more, you can also choose packaging with various opening configurations, enabling convenient loading and sealing. Other options include aluminum barrier foil liners, pouches, and flat bags. These options ensure that your team can package each item in the most efficient way for storage and transport without the need to repackage.

Protpack can manufacture packaging for one-off items or supply chains. This makes aluminum barrier foil perhaps the most versatile, cost-effective, and readily available solution. Moreover, the variable size, shape, and packaging styles that are available will protect a wide assortment of electronic components, from a motherboard right up to the entire machine. This makes aluminum barrier foil packaging a solid choice for electrical component suppliers.