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What to Look for When Hiring Your New Salesperson

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For many businesses, the sales team is what holds everything together. This is because these hardworking employees generate leads and sales by interacting with your target and prospective audience. In short, the sales team is made up of the company’s movers and shakers. Moreover, each and every salesperson you hire is critical to the success of your company.

What to Look for in a Salesperson

Is there an opening on your sales team? Are you ready to embark upon the lengthy and time-consuming journey to hire your next salesperson? You’re about to sift through hundreds of resumes and interview dozens of qualified and enthusiastic candidates. How can you spot the perfect needle in the haystack? How will you identify the ideal employee, someone who will be a team player and a strong earner for the organization?

Recruitment agencies such as IQ PARTNERS always look for these specific character traits when assessing candidates for sales positions. Read on to get the inside scoop on what to watch out for when hiring your new salesperson.


Salespeople must genuinely believe in the products they’re selling. They must also have confidence in themselves to sell your products to anyone who crosses their path.

Confidence isn’t always an easy trait to find in people. Not many people can exude total self-assurance and feel comfortable in their skin in any situation. To be a good salesperson, you must withstand disapproval from buyers. You have to tolerate long and grueling hours on the road. Moreover, you need to be able to convince others who may not necessarily need a product that they do, in fact, need the product. And all of this must be handled with grace.


Watch for candidates who light up the room and make you feel reassured because of their positive energy. Gauging how confident a person is often comes down to how they unintentionally make you feel. Conversely, the opposite is true for people who lack confidence. Did a candidate make you feel nervous or uneasy? Sadly, that person may not possess the tenacity needed to sell your products and services.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful salesperson without empathy for their team members and clients. You have to care about what you’re doing to be trustworthy and reliable. While selling and meeting the bottom line are essential to good business, maintaining an outstanding reputation for being sincere and compassionate are equally important.


To measure how they incorporate empathy into their sales tactics, ask candidates about examples of when they went above and beyond to help a client or team member.


Curiosity is an underrated character trait. However, it’s a necessary characteristic in salespeople.

You’re looking for candidates who want to know everything there is about your products and services. Additionally, they must be curious as well about existing and prospective clients. During the interviews, pay close attention to the people who ask many meaningful questions. In other words, do they ask question about more than just about salary? Look for people who seem enthusiastic about the future of working with your company.

A strong sales team is crucial to the success of your business. Therefore, to find the best candidates, consider working with a professional recruitment agency. They’ll look for the above qualities and more, guaranteeing solid results with every hire.


Hire a Salesperson Who Will Be a Great Addition to Your Sales Team

With a team that radiates confidence, empathy, and a healthy dose of curiosity, your business will be flourishing in no time.