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Every successful business has an effective marketing plan. Often the biggest challenge is creating a strategy that builds brand equity. A company tour is a tried and true marketing tool that can strengthen your business’s narrative. The best part is that the benefits are long-lasting. In this post we take a look at what company tours can do for your business.


A Company Tour Will Make a Great First Impression

You might be surprised by the number of people who would enjoy a tour of your company. From potential clients to job candidates, likely prospects want to learn more about your business through firsthand experiences.

It’s the very definition of a win-win proposition. Why?

Because they get to learn about your brand, and you get to curate an amazing first impression. It’s like having the home-field advantage in sports. The visitors are on your field in your territory. That means you have a chance to set the tone and determine the outcome to a large degree.

Moreover, research shows that people typically form a strong first impression during face-to-face interactions. Whether we like it or not, that first in-person meeting is critical. This is why having a planned tour is often ideal. It has a much bigger impact than what a person might see or read online.

A company tour is an ideal method for leaving an outstanding first impression with potential clients, job candidates, and any other constituent that visits your office for a tour. That’s mainly because you control the environment and decide what they see.

Use a Company Tour to Establish Business Relationships

There is a reason why leading organizations prioritize relationships with customers. It’s because good relationships can set you apart from the crowd.

Conversely, poor relationships are detrimental and can have a devastating impact. Incorporating company tours into your marketing strategy enables you to prioritize people. For instance, a supplier or any other business partner is more likely to feel like they are a team member after a visit to the office. Just like deals made on the golf course, a tour offers a chance to have conversations that might not otherwise occur.

How you market your business can also dictate the quality of candidates who choose to apply for positions. Job seekers with exceptional qualifications can often pick and choose where they want to work. This is especially true if they have lots of experience.

Therefore, positioning your business as the type of company where people love to work can draw top talent, which ultimately expands the bottom line. A tour will enable candidates to see the work environment and decide whether they will be a good fit. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn more about applicants. There’s even a chance that tours given to customers will result in more job applications since everyone wants to work for a great company.


A Tour Will Help You Create a Compelling Narrative

It’s amazing how good storytelling can affect a person’s emotions. Imagine reading a book that teaches you lessons and leaves you with anticipation. A company tour can have the same kind of effect. It’s a chance to tell your story in a way that’s compelling and memorable.

This simply requires you to choose a great tour guide, craft your story, and ensure your office is equipped with a wireless audio system. These are the tools of a great company tour. Don’t be deterred by the need to develop a strong narrative. This is simply one aspect of your overall marketing plan. Just remember that the script read or the story told by the tour guide should match the tone in all your other marketing materials.

Imagine how children feel when experiencing tours at an amusement park. There’s often a palpable excitement. Participants of company tours can have a similar experience if you do them right. It’s a chance to provide valuable information that excites participants. A tour is also a unique opportunity for a call to action when appropriate.

In short, you should tell the story of your business in many different formats beyond those of traditional advertising. A tour enables you to tell the story of how your company does business. Show visitors where the work takes place and let them meet the amazing team that makes it all happen.

It Will Strengthen the Corporate Culture

The development of your corporate culture is critical because it affects all aspects of your business. That’s because team members who feel valued are far more likely to work hard and contribute significantly to achieving bottom-line results.

Moreover, you can tell the difference between a work environment that’s toxic and one that’s cooperative. Building a corporate culture isn’t something that happens overnight; it takes time.

Having company tours is a great way to promote a positive team environment where everyone understands that they play a role in how others perceive the company. You might be surprised by the care employees take when planning for a tour. It’s an activity in which everyone can participate since part of the process involves tidying up. Many employees feel good about showing off their workspace.


A Tour Will Expand Brand Recognition

In addition to being an incredibly beneficial marketing tool, company tours are like public outreach where you invite people into your business as a form of hospitality. This is an activity that can build brand recognition and customer loyalty down the road.

Just like inviting someone into your home, a company tour is something that can make people feel more connected to your brand. A tour is also a chance to provide promotional materials to further market your products and services. Tours can even result in word-of-mouth marketing, which is the best kind because it’s free. What’s more, in a world where so many people have social media accounts, there’s a good chance your company will receive a few shout-outs accompanied by selfies.

Whether you have already hosted company tours or you’re just getting started, keep in mind that this is a great opportunity to show people that you are passionate leaders in your industry. It’s a team effort from which everyone can benefit.


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Rick Farrell is president of Plant-Tours.com. He is North America’s foremost expert in improving manufacturing group communication, education, training, and group hospitality processes. Rick has over 40 years of group hospitality experience, most recently serving as president of Plant-Tours.com for the last 18 years. He has provided consulting services with the majority of Fortune 500 industrial corporations, improving group communication dynamics of all types in manufacturing environments.