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Mentoring Program Helps New Insurance Agents

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Thanks to its New Agent Hub, the insurance mentoring program Family First Life Entourage can now mentor more life insurance agents than ever.


Getting started in a new career is never easy. However, this can be especially intimidating in a field where your success is self-determined, such as becoming a life insurance agent. All the things that make being a life insurance agent rewarding—such as self-directed workdays, limitless income potential, and the ability to help families feel secure—make getting started especially confusing.

Thankfully, there’s someone who knows exactly how that feels. What’s more, this someone—Joshua Crisp—is ready to step in and help. Joshua successfully blazed his own trail in the insurance industry. And now he’s mentoring industry beginners through his New Agent Hub.


The New Agent Hub trains new life insurance agents, whether they’re just starting out or they want to level up their success. Thanks to the mentoring they find at New Agent Hub, new sales agents start earning a fantastic income in their first year on the job.

New Agent Hub combines all the lessons Joshua has learned through his own insurance sales journey. He began by selling life insurance individually. From there, he went on to found and now directs New Agent Hub’s parent company, Family First Life Entourage.

Joshua Crisp Is a Leader Who Knows How It Feels

An insurance agent himself, Joshua knows the feeling of just starting out. He founded New Agent Hub to help new agents. No longer must they lose heaps of potential income in their first few years. Nor must they try to figure out the industry alone by trial and error. Instead, Joshua helps them become successful from the beginning of their careers.

When he decided to start mentoring, he was making $500,000 a year selling insurance. What’s more, he was doing so without anxiety and stress. By this time, he had reached a certain level of success in his career, and he no longer had to frantically chase just to keep up momentum.

Interestingly, many agents have been sold a false narrative that a career in insurance sales involves a life of stress. But Joshua has learned that this is not how it has to be.

Joshua knows from his own experience that mentoring makes all the difference in setting up an insurance career for success. This is especially true when it comes to earnings. Whether you’re hoping to have a successful month or a successful year, mentoring will make the difference. With a good mentor, you won’t need to scramble to pay the bills. Instead, you’ll be waking up each morning to limitless income potential.

Get Mentoring Without the Catches

A whopping 80% of insurance professionals feel undervalued by their agencies. They feel like they’re going it alone without support. A lot of this is due to a lack of useful resources. It appears that there is little available to help agents grow.

While plenty of agencies claim to offer training and support, this often comes with strings attached. It can mean stifling levels of control from the agency, along with lower commissions or unfavorable contracts.

These restrictions are especially frustrating for self-starters. These are people who want to take initiative in their careers. Go-getters need mentoring, not hand-holding. That’s what New Agent Hub provides. The Hub flips the script. It provides the direct mentorship that bright new agents crave. Moreover, it does so without hefty restrictions and backhanded “punishments” for the advice.

Joshua created the New Agent Hub with self-directed new agents in mind. His intention has always been to put all the tools at their fingertips. New Agent Hub’s “agent-first” mindset equates to paying for agents’ new licenses if needed. It will also connect them with expansive social media platforms and weekly training calls to hone their skills.


But the Hub doesn’t stop there. It offers new agents positive mindset training. They also receive phone scripts and tips on guiding potential sales through common objections. Agents will learn the nuances of available insurance products. Then they can offer each prospective customer the perfect package. Importantly, they can make a difference in their customers’ lives.

Additional resources include run-downs of important documents, new client worksheets, and how-to guides. In short, it includes everything Joshua noticed was lacking in the industry when he started out. It’s everything that Joshua and other six-figure agents wish they’d had at the beginning of their careers. With training videos, podcasts, digital content, and 24/7 support, agents will have more materials than they’ll ever need and then some.

Insurance Is an Industry That Grows as You Do

There’s a reason Joshua was drawn to the insurance field and why he feels passionate about mentoring others. Insurance pros with Joshua’s agency can work from anywhere in the US. They can set their own hours and decide how much or how little to work. They can shape their careers around their families’ needs.

With multiple carrier options to sell and a steady stream of new leads, agents aren’t backed into a corner with their sales potential. New agents are offered top-level compensation that is the envy of the industry. There are no required contracts, either, because Joshua and his team prefer to earn agents’ commitment to the company rather than forcing them to sign over loyalty.

About Joshua Crisp and Mentoring with New Agent Hub

New Agent Hub is a mentoring program designed to help new insurance agents bring in a great income from day one of their careers. Founded by Joshua Crisp of Family First Life Entourage, New Agent Hub offers all the tools, training, and resources new agents need to thrive. For more information, visit