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How Poor Internet Service Affects Your Business

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Hardly any business can function today without access to the internet. And a having a poor internet connection is almost worse than having no connection at all.

In other words, the speed of your internet access is incredibly important. You might think your current internet is good enough. However, it might be deficient and hurting your business on many levels. This is true whether you’re working alone or have hundreds of employees.

Therefore, good internet speed should be a priority. You could be losing lots of money if yours is not up to par. Let’s take a look at some of the ways poor internet access could end up affecting your bottom line.

Bad Internet Leads to Poor Employee Morale

You might be asking what internet access has to do with morale. The truth is, it can affect your employees more than you think. Having to constantly wait for a connection to finish a document or speak with a client can become tiresome over time. Your employees will also begin to grow angry if they have made a complaint and the situation hasn’t improved. This will show that you don’t care about them. Before long, it will reflect in their work.

Your employees will not appreciate having to work longer on a task simply because your connection is bad. They will certainly not appreciate it if you start pressuring them on top of it. So do them a favor and get the best connection possible. If you’re not using a cable connection, you should do so immediately. A cable connection is much more reliable, especially if you have to coordinate multiple employees.


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Poor Internet Limits Your Options

There are so many things you can do with a strong internet connection that would be impossible without. For instance, you could make a VoIP call during a video conference while using your connection to research things in real time. Moreover, you can do these things without the connection dropping off, lagging, or becoming choppy.

VoIP, in particular, requires a strong and steady connection to be operational. If you don’t have one, you may start hearing echoes when speaking. Not only will these be unpleasant, but they could come off as being unprofessional. You might also drop important calls. This alone could lead you to lose sales or get a bad reputation for the poor quality of your customer service.

VoIP is the best option for your company if you have great internet. Therefore, so we strongly suggest you give it a look if you haven’t already. If you want to know more about the merits of VoIP and why you should use it in your business, visit https://www.techadvisory.org/2014/04/why-businesses-should-use-voip/.

Poor Internet Limits Productivity

If it takes your employees or you more time to do run searches, use cloud services, or send emails, your overall productivity will suffer. You could end up losing a lot of money through fewer sales, production, and wasted work hours. Lightning fast internet, however, will allow your employees to use multiple online applications at once while minimizing the time they stay idle.

Your Customers Will Go Elsewhere for Access

You may also have a business that relies heavily on giving top access to your clientele. To give just one example, coffee shops cannot afford to have poor internet. You may even get people who will come by your place of business just to use your wi-fi. Perhaps you think you’re getting nothing from these people, but some of them might decide to come inside to get something. And as long as you can have contact with a client, you have a chance to sell to them.


So if you don’t want your current clients to consider another place to work, meet, or study because of your choppy internet, you need to invest in the best technology possible. But first, you have to choose a good provider. Then make sure that you have good amplifying tools and position your tower correctly.

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Fluctuating Speeds Hurt Predictability

Having fluctuating internet speed can be extremely bad for business as well. An app may be extremely fast when you are the only one using it. However, poor internet could slow it down when you have multiple people using your network.

Some service providers will also show significant fluctuation based on the time of the day or how many people are on. Choose a service that is known for offering steady service if you always want to know how long it will take to conduct tasks.

Take Steps to Eliminate Poor Internet for Your Business

These are some of the main reasons why poor internet service can be disastrous for a business. Do everything in your power to get the best access possible and take your employees’ and your customers’ complaints very seriously.