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5 Strategies to Grow Your SaaS Company in 2021

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Your software as a service (SaaS) company delivers applications or software programs over the internet, helping your clients achieve their business goals. Your clients don’t need to install and maintain software because your SaaS services give them easy access to their business systems via an internet connection. Of course, you’re already an expert with this process.

So, has your business reached a plateau? In other words, while you might have a good flow of clients, you want to experience more challenges in your business. If that’s the case, it’s high time to grow your SaaS company.

Your business needs the right marketing strategies to grow, so you can reach more prospects and close more deals. Like any other business, you have to showcase your strengths. In this article, you’ll learn the best strategies to grow your SaaS company in 2021.

1. Focus on SEO for Your SaaS Company

One important aspect of any business that wants to grow this year is search engine optimization (SEO). This digital marketing strategy aims to rank web pages or websites in search engines to attain greater visibility and brand awareness.

But how can SEO grow your SaaS company? Here’s how:

Learn About Your SaaS Company’s Competitors

Through keyword research, you’ll know why your major competitors gain more traffic on their websites than yours. Using keyword SEO tools, you’ll know what keywords your competitors use in creating content.

Get Your SaaS Company More Connected

Your web traffic can also affect the number of clients you gain for your business. Remember that people search online before purchasing a product or a service. Moreover, this step shouldn’t be a big miss for people who are also looking for SaaS services. With SEO, you’ll be closer to your target audience and get a chance to engage and connect with them. You can check BCC Interactive’s guide to SEO strategies for SaaS companies to learn more about SEO.

2. Merge or Partner

One way to grow your SaaS company once you’ve established your operations and gain organic or core sales is to merge or partner with another company. Through merging or partnerships, both companies can benefit from each other in terms of client base and sales.

Check out the following merging and partnership possibilities for your SaaS company:

  • You can merge or partner with a web design and development company for clients to have a one-stop shop for all their website needs.
  • You can work with a tech-related or business-related website to endorse your SaaS services to their audiences.
  • Or you can merge or partner with a financial company that can offer funding for businesses that want to move to SaaS.

3. Boost Your SaaS Company’s Digital Marketing Campaign

Before you hire more people to do extra work for your company’s expansion, it’s crucial to plan how you can boost your digital marketing campaign, which is a must-have post-pandemic. In this way, you’ll attract more prospects to avail of your services.


There are many ways you can boost your digital marketing campaign to grow your SaaS company such as the following:

Be Active on Social Media

In this advanced digital era, every business needs to be active on social media. While you offer your services to business-to-business (B2B) companies, their managers and employees have also social media accounts. For many people, your services are new. So, you can use social media to educate the public about your SaaS services.

Accelerate Your Content Marketing

While you can give a sneak peek to social media users about your services, interested people want to learn more. Hence, you need to also revamp and accelerate your content marketing campaign. Share your expertise by publishing helpful content are easy-to-understand terms for business owners to capture your message right away. You may conduct webinars and publish video presentations to explain how SaaS works.


4. Hire More People to Work at Your SaaS Company

If your SaaS services are in demand, you can hire more people to take care of other aspects of your business. For instance, you might not have time to deal with your marketing campaigns or write and publish articles.

You should focus more on your operations when you need to finish plenty of projects. So, it’s best to work with an SEO agency or any digital marketing company to help you with the marketing aspect. Digital marketing companies employ expert SEO specialists and writers to grow your online presence and monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs).

When hiring more people to help you grow your SaaS company, you need to consider the following:

Hire People with Expertise

You want to hire someone who’s also an expert in their field such as an SEO specialist.

Check Their Credentials

Make sure to check the certifications and portfolio of the people you’re planning to work with in the future.

5. Review Your SaaS Company Business Model

Your current business model might not be working anymore, requiring you to scale your business up. However, before doing so, you need to be a hundred percent sure to avoid wasting your time, money, and effort.

When reviewing your business model, it’s important to consider the following:

Get Customer Feedback

Avoid the common mistake of doing secondary market research. Don’t hesitate to conduct primary market research or talking to your clients directly. Get their feedback about your services so you’ll know how to improve them even more.

Review Your Budget And Expenses

You need to check your budget and have a sales forecast and cash flow forecast. List your primary revenue streams and key expenses. Documenting how your business makes money is an important step to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

Stay Alert to Emerging Trends

Do you know the emerging trends in your industry? How do you align your business with these trends to stay competitive?


Employ These Tips and Grow Your SaaS Company in 2021

You’ve just learned the best strategies to grow your SaaS company in 2021. Keep all these things in mind so you can apply them to your next plan, allowing you to set the right goals and the right course of action. Don’t hesitate to ask the help of an expert digital marketer to maximize the benefits of gaining more prospects and paying clients.