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The Visa Award Card by Tremendous Company

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Increased competition in the market of goods and services leads to the active implementation of effective loyalty programs. This is because it is impossible for businesses to earn customer loyalty without an organized and motivated team of employees. This is where Visa award card from Tremendous Company comes to the rescue.


Tremendous is an effective platform for creating and launching loyalty programs internationally. For example, using the platform’s service, you can start loyalty programs with a couple of clicks, then instantly reward recipients with various types of awards. Options include:

  • Prepaid virtual and physical Visa cards in bulk
  • Gift cards from different brands, retailers, airlines, restaurants, and so on
  • Rewards in cash and by bank transfers
  • PayPal transfers and more

Main Features of the Visa Award Card

A Visa gift card is a prepaid bank card that provides an opportunity to pay for services and purchases with ease.

The Visa award card from Tremendous is a reflection of modern trends in technology development. Additionally, it represents the transition to a new plane of most processes. That is, digitalization is actively penetrating various business segments, including the sphere of gift cards as well as loyalty and motivation programs.

Features of the Pricing Policy and Services

Additionally, by choosing the service from Tremendous Company, you get the highest quality and many positive bonuses. These include:

  • No monthly payment
  • No setup payment
  • And no minimums

All digital Visa cards and digital reward cards are free products available to every customer. However, there is a minimum fee for ordering physical Visa reward cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. Also, the company charges a small commission if you want to send a direct financial reward.

Customized Card Design

Additionally, you can order a Visa award card in an individual design. This is a versatile ad format that will set your brand and incentive program apart from the competition.

Ordering an incentive Visa award card in an individual design will emphasize the status of your motivation program. Additionally, it provides special recognition for employees, partners, and customers. You can also add your company logo and brand colors, thus aligning the award with your corporate identity.

Effectiveness of Virtual Gift Visa Cards

Tremendous believes that virtual Visa reward cards are a sustainable trend. Several factors contribute to increased sales of these products. The first one is speed. For example, you can quickly send the virtual card by email or SMS so that recipients receive it within a few seconds. This makes it possible to use this product as a tool in trade marketing activities. The second factor is saving on logistics.

The Visa award card from Tremendous Company, whether virtual or physical, works on the Visa payment system. As a private person, you can receive a card as a gift from the company. On the other hand, if you represent an organization, you can order cards for your clients, employees, or partners right now.

Using the company’s services, you can simplify your buying, tracking, and managing processes of all digital rewards based on your loyalty programs. Additionally, if you are already a user of this service, you can send rewards in bulk, individually, and automatically by integrating with the company’s API.

The Tremendous Visa award card is suitable for a variety of incentive programs and promotions with instant delivery. Therefore, you’ll find it easy to encourage distributors and sales representatives, as well as motivate consumers, with Tremendous cards.

Tremendous prepaid Visa cards will help to motivate your customers. Just organize a cashback program instead of an ordinary discount system. You can also reward employees for achievements or use cards as holiday gifts.

So whether your company is small, medium, or large, you can order Visa gift cards for a variety of different reasons:

  • Gifts for employees
  • Portal prizes
  • Gifts for sales managers
  • Gifts for clients
  • The motivation of sales channels
  • Affiliate program
  • The reward for feedback or taking a survey
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Ways to Use Tremendous Visa Gift Cards

Employee Motivation System: Increasing Staff Loyalty

Today, many brands are rolling out employee loyalty programs across the board to help them be more productive and efficient. This is because they understand that a professional and motivated staff is key to high-quality customer service.

Non-standard remuneration in loyalty programs for personnel is an effective way to increase the productivity of the team as a whole. What’s more, it boosts the corporate spirit of each employee individually. Tremendous marketers will help you to develop a motivation system that is interesting and attractive to your employees.


Stimulating the Sales Chain

Tremendous Visa gift cards are an excellent incentive tool in distribution, trade, and retail chains. Moreover, they allow you to reduce logistics costs. The company works in the creation and implementation of effective customer loyalty systems. It also offers innovative solutions and non-standard approaches to high-quality customer engagement in the company’s loyalty system.

But is your business facing a tough choice? A team of experts will help you create a reward system quickly and efficiently that is mutually beneficial.

Consumer Motivation

The main reason for the loss of interest in a loyalty program is an incorrectly designed customer incentive model. Gift cards as sales support projects involve “buying” customers’ loyalty for a specific reward. Basically, this means the more you buy the more valuable the gifts from the company will be.

Personal Meaning

If you do not know what to give or you’re not sure what will be appropriate and you are afraid to make a mistake with your choice, you have no need to worry. This is because with Tremendous Visa gift cards you will always be making the right choice. Simply order a physical Visa card and present it as a gift.

Areas That Benefit from Visa Gift Cards

  • Insurance companies
  • DIY stores
  • FMCG companies
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Banks
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Home appliance manufacturers
  • Tourism and transport (airlines, trains, or ships)
  • Online shopping
  • Health and wellness


Tremendous offers its customers card options for any request. For example, you can choose from prepaid Visa gift cards, virtual cards, prepaid gift cards, and others. Therefore, Visa award cards are a truly universal gift for almost all occasions. In addition, there are no complicated ordering and logistics procedures. The speed of receipt allows you to quickly implement the most urgent projects. Then the recipient can spend the funds you credit to the card with whatever consumer segment they prefer.