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5 Tips for Beginning Video Gamers

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Regardless of your reason for joining the ranks of video gamers, you’ll have a lot to learn before you can thrive. However, with practice, you might even get good enough at it to play video games for a living.


Perhaps you ordered a Nintendo Switch to join in on the quarantine-fueled Animal Crossing enthusiasm. Or maybe your partner is always playing the video game Call of Duty and you want to finally be able to join for a few rounds.

Whatever your reason for getting into gaming, you’ll find that, as a beginner, there’s a lot you have to learn in order to compete with more experienced video gamers. This is especially true if you find yourself interacting with the pros. However, with practice and a few tips and tricks in mind, you’ll find that you can overcome that learning curve and thrive as a video gamer yourself in no time. You might even get good enough at it to play video games for a living.


1. Get Better as a Video Gamer by Staying on Top of Gaming News

When you first start playing a game, you’re focused on learning the rules and methods of gameplay. Once you’ve conquered those absolute basics, though, one of your first goals should be to understand the newest developments for the game. You’ll need to learn about its developers and find out about any spin-offs of the game you play now.

A site like HotSpawn can help you learn about all this and more by curating video game news. They will also give you how-to guides and provide other resources to help you figure out all this and more. When there’s a major update or new release, you’ll know all about it and be ready to adjust your gameplay accordingly.

2. Connect with Fellow Video Gamers

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As you learn more about your favorite games, one of the best resources you’ll uncover is your fellow players. Every other video gamer you come across—even the esports pros—was once where you are now. Each and every player starts off as a beginner, just like you.

Whether or not they’re supportive (fortunately, most will be), they’ve been a newbie, too. Even an arrogant opponent will have started at the bottom. So you can rest assured that they aren’t somehow superior, just more experienced.

3. Upgrade Your Gear

Of course, you need a console or PC to be a video gamer. You also need a controller or a mouse and keyboard. Additionally, you need other crucial pieces of equipment to become a gamer.

However, there’s more to the ultimate gaming setup than those basics alone. From your desk and chair to your headphones and cords, there is no limit to the factors that can affect your gaming experience for better or worse.

4. Let Some Fresh Air In

Playing video games is hardly an outdoor activity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a bit of nature while you play. Even if you can’t take your device on the go, consider opening a window to let in some fresh air. Among other benefits, a literal breath of fresh air will help improve your focus and make you more alert, helping you improve as a video gamer.

5. Expand Your Gaming Experience

When you begin as a video gamer, you’ll likely stick to a certain sort of video game. You might play only action or adventure games, or perhaps you prefer simulations or role-playing games (RPGs).

Once you have a thorough understanding of your preferred console and its controls, consider branching out into an alternative genre. Even opting for an indie game of a similar style to a popular fan-favorite you play now can offer some variety. Importantly, that variety will help you become a better player in all of your video games, improving your dexterity and other skills.

For some people, video games are a way to unwind from real life and escape into fictional realms for a while. For others, it’s a way to be social, connecting with friends through virtual islands or virtual reality chats between rounds.

In any case, gaming is becoming an increasingly popular pastime among professional gamers and beginners alike. Of course, there are plenty of video game enthusiasts who fall between those two ends of the spectrum. And you can join their ranks with a bit of practice, effort, and enthusiasm.