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6 Amazing Idea Generation Tips to End Your Creative Drought

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They say, “Every product stems from an idea,” and we couldn’t agree more.

The truth is, whatever your profession, the success or failure of your business will depend on how creative and skilled you are as a business owner. Creativity involves more than tasks you love doing. It’s also about coming up with ideas that will make life easy for other people.

So, how can you ensure more idea generation? Is there a way to increase your problem-solving ability?

Guess what? There is.

Here we list six creative ways to come up with new business ideas. Take a look.

Ask Basic Questions to Get New Ideas

This is called the 5W+H technique.

It can be confusing at first glance. However, it is actually a meaningful way to deal with creative drought. This technique is a set of basic questions you should ask yourself when considering a topic:

Who? What? Where? When? Why? And how?

If you answer all 5W+H questions accurately—regardless of the topic—you will be one step closer to solving your problem.

This is because these answers will stimulate your brain to think about the subject from different perspectives.

Listen to People

You don’t have to think up a brilliant idea all by yourself. Sometimes it is enough just to do some social listening to find out what your target audience thinks about a topic.

To find valuable ideas from end-users, you can use social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

You can also organize an opinion poll to ask people directly what they want.

Survey Monkey, for example, allows you to create a simple survey in minutes. Why not make it your idea generator tool?


Brainstorm for Creative Ideas

Brainstorming is a method that has been used for many decades by people around the globe.

Why is this strategy so popular?

It’s likely because no one gets ridiculed for having a stupid idea. There’s no right or wrong. You just have to say quickly whatever comes to mind.

After a quick brainstorming session, you can filter through the suggestions to find those that are most likely to succeed.

Switch Places

It’s not easy to imagine yourself in another person’s shoes, but it can help you break down barriers and come up with a great idea.

It’s easy: Just switch places with colleagues and accept their perspectives. Although it doesn’t always result in immediate results, it can often lead to new insights and exciting conclusions.


Map It in Your Mind

Mind mapping is another way to overcome creative drought.

A mind map can be described as a way to organize tasks, words, concepts, or other items around a central idea or subject.

It uses a non-linear graphic layout that allows users to create an intuitive framework around the central concept.

Let’s suppose you are writing a screenplay. This is where you place the main character at the center of the map. Next, add links to all your movie elements, from plot and love relationships to supporting characters.

In a Nutshell

Even if you are the most creative person on the planet, you are not immune to occasional creative droughts. Everyone knows the feeling of being miserable when you can’t think of an idea. But there are ways to get out of this situation.

We have provided six innovative idea generation techniques in this article. We’d recommend that you test them all to find the one that works best for your situation.

Oh, and don’t forget to protect your idea once you come up with one by consulting with trade mark lawyers.

Good luck!