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3 Most Popular White Label Solutions for New Forex Brokers

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Most new forex brokers prefer to look for white label solutions when they decide to enter the market. In this post we take a look at their most popular options.


When a new broker enters the forex market, their search for a trading platform is among their first tasks. They face two possible choices. They can purchase software from a development company and deploy their own platform, adjusting it to their individual needs. Or they can choose to look for white label solutions. According to statistics, 85% of beginner brokers prefer the second way.

What Are the Main Benefits of White Label Solutions for Forex Brokers?

White label products provide new brokers with a wide range of advantages:

  1. White label forex platforms save you money. In contrast, purchasing your own software could cost as much as five to ten times more.
  2. Companies that help implement white label solutions provide brokers with maintenance and continuous support.
  3. These companies will set up your trading platform in accordance with your specifications. Additionally, you may choose to enhance your site with plugins, additional instruments, and the like in order to give your traders a high-quality and fully functional interface.
  4. A white label solution will provide a full array of services. You won’t need to dive into the details unless you just want to.

Which White Label Solutions Are the Most Popular Among Forex Brokers?

MetaTrader 4: A Timeless Classic

The MetaQuotes Software introduced MetaTrader 4 (MT4) in 2005. Since then, this trading platform has been the leader among trading platforms. However, the cost of the MT4 is about $100,000. Most new brokers face too many expenses when they first begin and can’t afford this option.

Nonetheless, the MetaTrader 4 platform is the most in-demand of all forex platforms. In fact, more than 30% of brokers and more than 50% of traders globally rely on this platform. Its wide range of trading instruments, chart modes, and additional elements empower traders to make profound market analyses. According to analysts, this solution is equally useful for newcomers and professional traders alike.

Obviously, there is a great need for a MetaTrader 4 white label solution.

Accordingly, the vast majority of beginner brokers prefer to get this MetaTrader White Label solution. Most choose to use it with a set of plugins and individual setups.

MetaTrader 5: The Next Generation of Forex Trading

Statistics show that MT5 is the second most popular global trading platform. The fifth version of MetaTrader has some new features and advanced functionality compared to the previous version. Furthermore, this solution is compatible with multiple markets while MT4 is designed exclusively for the forex market.

The overall price of this trading platform is about $200,000, including its additional expenses for maintenance and setups. Incredibly, the cost for the forex white label solution for MT5 is 10 times less expensive.

New brokers thereby get a chance to implement the most functional and effective trading platform for minimum pricing.

DX Trade Platform

This platform is developed by DX Trade. It gives brokers a straightforward solution whereby they can empower their traders with an improved interface. The DX platform includes a built-in economic calendar and a set of basic instruments traders can use to analyze the market. This trading platform is compatible with forex as well as with CFD markets.


Where Can New Forex Brokers Find a White Label Solution?

If you’re planning to enter the market as a new forex broker, you need a trustworthy company to cooperate with. B2Broker is an industry leader that strives for perfection in every detail. The company suggests brokers implement high-end turnkey global forex solutions that will allow them to conquer the industry from the very beginning. In addition to white label trading platforms, brokers also get access to innovative products developed by B2Broker experts such as B2Trader and B2Margin core products.