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5 Online Tools for Coming Up with a Company Name

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Coming up with a professional, unique company name that draws the attention of prospective customers can be difficult, especially in today’s overcrowded markets.


Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Nike allot yearly budgets for their marketing teams in the hundreds of millions. Very few businesses are able to compete with that level of advertising spending and brand development. Nonetheless, finding the perfect name is a hurdle that you will have to overcome if you want your business to succeed. But with the right tools at your disposal, the task of finding the best name for your company becomes far less daunting.

To help you along your naming process, we’ve gathered five of the most useful naming tools for choosing a winning company name. 

Shopify Can Help You Find a Company Name

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Shopify is a business management program designed to help anyone start and grow their own company. From running ad campaigns to setting up your first ecommerce store, Shopify’s platform handles it all. And they have one trick up their sleeve that makes them particularly useful as a business naming tool.

What is one of the biggest difficulties most entrepreneurs face when coming up with a company name? It’s figuring out where to start.

Luckily, Shopify has a handy tool for that. Shopify’s business name generator tool is a great way to quickly develop a list of business names. This gives you the creative inspiration you need to continue workshopping and developing these branding ideas further. Your creativity (and copyright) are the only limits to what you can create.

Find a Company Name and Matching Logo at Brand Root

BrandRoot is a business name generation tool that creates registered .com domain names—and quite a bit more. After searching for a particular keyword, BrandRoot curates a list of unique domain names and then places them for sale, along with a professionally designed logo.

BrandRoot’s keyword search function allows you to set the price range you’re shopping under. This way, so you find the right domain names at a price that fits your budget. When you end up buying the domain you like, you also get the rights to the logo design that comes with it—and it will match your new company name.

Oberlo Is a One-Stop Shop

Oberlo bills itself as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to start their very own ecommerce businesses. From drop shipping to design advice, Oberlo is home to a variety of media designed to teach people how to take charge and lead their own business.

Brand building is one of the foundational activities of forming a new business. Oberlo’s guides teach new users everything about the basics of forming a digital brand, all the way up to intricacies like managing an Instagram brand page and branding new product lines.

Oberlo also has a proprietary company name generator that operates off of a single keyword. Simply entering in the core concept of your business will generate a myriad of unique names involving that idea.

Oberlo offers free and paid membership plans. For people looking to trial the website and their courses, new users are able to access a limited number of courses free of charge.

Hover Offers Help with Finding Just the Right Domain Name

Hover is a great accessory tool for businesses looking to establish new brands. Hover’s search function enables users to look up domain availability. Going above and beyond showing the desired results, Hover also displays domains related to your target name.

This feature is incredibly useful for people looking to establish a firm digital foothold. This is because finding and securing a uniquely identifiable domain name that aligns with your company name is going to play a crucial role in growing your ecommerce market out of its infancy.

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In addition to offering a wide range of blog articles aimed at helping users develop their businesses, Hover also features an optional paid email service to go along with your new domain. They also boast an extensive and easily accessible help center to guide users through any questions they have and issues they may come across during their domain name search.

Conduct Research on Your Target Audience with Helpfull

Helpfull is a real-time feedback platform used by researchers and businesses to quickly gather opinions from real people. On Helpfull, users split test two or more variations of their designs. Then, surveys made up of these split tests are sent directly to your target audience member via email. On average, tests on Helpfull finish in 20 minutes or less. Users are also given immediate access to results the second a panelist presses submit.

There are a number of features on Helpfull’s platform that make it a premiere tool for designing and testing new company names for your business. Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas, feedback on existing names, or need to develop your concepts, Helpfull’s audience of real American panelists can help. Getting measured insights from a variety of different third-party respondents is guaranteed to leave you with a winning name that sells.

The utility of Helpfull’s platform doesn’t end at picking apart name ideas. You can incorporate feedback and use it to improve your customers’ experience throughout every stage of the buying process. This is true whether they’re shopping in your stores, browsing through your digital catalog, or viewing your social media outlets.

Additionally, you can:

  • Test virtually any question or design element (including business names)
  • Pick a winner using third-party feedback
  • Gauge trends in real American consumers
  • Use real-time feedback to gain immediate access to your insights
  • Browse blog posts and articles featuring how-to guides, news, surveys, and more
  • Export charts and graphs directly from the website
  • Sign up for free

What makes Helpfull different is that it is built around the core principles of accessibility and functionality. The platform enables its users to conduct research and receive new customer insights on the fly.

What Makes A Good Company Name?

Forbes offers entrepreneurs looking for help with naming conventions a few useful tips. For example:

  • Avoid names that are hard to spell
  • Pick a name that is catchy
  • Don’t pick a name that will limit the growth of your business

One of the most important pieces of advice Forbes offers is to get feedback on your name. However, make sure not to get just any feedback. Listen for sound, constructive advice.

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When developing brand names, the best practice is to keep an open mind and develop a large, diverse pool of ideas. The more choices you have on the table, the greater chance you have of developing a brand-name that sticks. Keep the following considerations in mind when drafting your list.

A company name must have:

  • Brand synergy
  • Scalability
  • Consumer resonance
  • Visibility
  • Uniqueness
  • Simplicity
  • Staying power

Keeping these few key elements in mind while drafting company names will dramatically improve your overall result.