Recruiting can be a challenging, but necessary task to fill gaps in your workforce or replace employees who are retiring. A lot of companies have different strategies for finding new talent, so here are some recruiting tips to help you find the best person for the job.

Recruiting Tips for 2021

Have a Clear Job Description and Expectations 

Create a detailed job description. When you are looking for new talent, it is important to create an in-depth and specific job description. This will give your applicant a better idea of what they can expect if they join the company. You can also use this as a guide for interviewing so that you have all of the necessary information.

Make sure that your expectations of the position matches what the job description is requiring. Make it clear from day one what you are expecting, is there an opportunity for growth, and what they can expect.

Stand Out from Other Employers to Improve the Recruitment Process

When it comes to curating your job listing, jazz it up! These days applicants are excited about culture and purpose. For the most part, if they are applying for a certain position they already know what they entail. Include other information such as how the company gives back to the community, what the team culture looks like, and why they actually should want to come to work each day.

Be Open and Honest  

Don’t hide bad things about the company and the environment just because you’re afraid someone won’t take it on if they know everything upfront. You want people that are actually interested in working for your company.


Work on Your Culture Fit 

Employee satisfaction is already at such a high. People are looking to be happy and work somewhere they will enjoy going to every day, however, with that being said it can also be very important to find employees that match your company.

Make sure you don’t focus too much on the candidate’s skills (that you are requiring for the job) and more on if they are a good cultural fit. So many times companies end up focusing so much on hiring people with the exact skill set they need for the position but overlook an amazing person because they didn’t have those skills.

This is a good way to weed out those who are not interested in your company, and also a great way for the candidate to make sure they will enjoy working there. It’s also very important to hire people that you yourself and the team would like to work with.

Ask Questions and Be Specific

Ask questions based on what you want to know about the candidate during your interview process. Don’t just ask have you ever <fill in the blank>? Have them give specific examples of when and how they did it. For a modern approach to interviewing, consider integrating Hireflix into your process, a platform that offers unique asynchronous interview solutions, streamlining the screening process for both candidates and recruiters.

For example, if you want to learn more about their work ethic, ask them what one of their greatest achievements was or how they handled a difficult situation. You can also be very specific with your questions and ask them about their previous job.

Find Candidates Through Relevant Channels

Find candidates in a variety of ways to ensure you have a full applicant pool to choose from. Here are some places you might look: Job Boards, Social Media Direct connections (friends, family, etc.), Professional organizations, Alumni Network, Company referrals, intern programs, and Google Ads.

Try to Hire Someone from Your Existing Talent Pool 

You already know what this person is capable of, and you may have an even better idea of their strengths and weaknesses. This can be helpful in finding the right job for them. If there was someone from your existing talent pool that stood out to you, then it is likely they would also stand out in the new position.

This might even be a better way to see if they are the right cultural fit, as well.

Offer a More Competitive Salary

Offering competitive salaries to potential employees is important. Not only because it will be enticing for them to join your company, but also because it shows that you value your employees and their work.

Keep Employee Communication Open and Consistent 

Regular, open communication between employees and management is very important. Not only does it keep everyone in the loop on what is happening in the company, but workers feel valued knowing that their opinions are being heard. This also helps so they can work as a team to achieve similar goals. Also, make sure to be consistent with your policies/procedures.

Have the Potential Applicant Complete a Personality Test Before Interviewing

This can help you visualize how they would fit with the team and their strengths and weaknesses.

This is also a great option for recruitment if you are hiring an entire team at once. A personality test will help you choose those that are most likely to work well together or be able to handle certain situations if it is an existing team you are hiring for, rather than a new position within the company.

Another great option is to have your current employees complete a personality test too. This will help you get a better understanding of what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as how they will interact with new members that may come on the team.

The Enneagram, Myers Briggs, and DISC are all great tools to help assist with this.

Check Back with Applicants

If you are having trouble gathering the applicants for your position, offer a referral bonus. For example, tell them that if they let you know of a friend looking for work who is interested and ends up working at your company, they will receive $100-200 (or maybe even more if you are in an industry with high competition).

Some of these recruiting tips you may already know, but just needed to take another approach. Others you may not have known about, and are new to the idea or process. Either way, these are great ways to increase your chances of finding qualified employees and increasing staff morale.