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During difficult economic times, many small brands cut back on their marketing budgets to save money. Ill-advisedly, as it turns out, as this can be the exact opposite of what they need to do to survive. Smart brands, on the other hand, are turning to online promotion.

Promotion Is Vital for Your Brand

Even when times get tough, it’s vital to remember how significant the marketing portion of your budget is for survival. In other words, to make money, you’ve got to spend money. If you position marketing behind the right strategies, expect high dividends.

Brands are rolling up their sleeves to plan for the last quarter of 2021. In fact, brands are spending roughly 12 percent of their annual revenue on marketing.

As you do the same, consider spending more of your marketing budget on online promotion, even if that means diverting funds from traditional marketing channels to do so.

Here’s Why You Need to Be Spending More on Online Promotion

Why should you be spending more on online promotion?

Your customers are online. That’s why.

More than 4.72 billion people are on the internet just waiting to find your brand. This gives you an excellent opportunity to reach leads and convert them into repeat customers.

With more consumers (and businesses) using the internet to find all types of information, digital brand marketing should dominate your advertising strategies. Yet nearly half of companies lack a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.

What Does Online Promotion Have to Do with Brand Marketing?

Online or digital brand marketing is a catch-all term for the various ways brands can advertise their products and services online.

Basically, we live in a connected world. There are several online platforms and channels you can leverage for your brand marketing.

Here are a few examples to give you a better idea of what online brand marketing can look like:

Local Search Engine Optimization

Ideally, your brand should be able to implement some basic SEO for free or for cheap. But you’ll need to invest in an eCommerce SEO expert if you want to use this avenue to boost awareness.

SEO as a marketing strategy takes time. It’s certainly not a quick fix when it comes to online promotion.

Nonetheless, strong SEO can boost your brand’s web presence, making your site easy to find. It can also do wonders for your brand’s credibility.

YouTube Ads

On YouTube, ads of your brand are played at the beginning of short videos and at intervals on longer ones. The only problem is that many people tend to skip past YouTube ads.

Google Ads

These are ads that Google places on relevant blogs and news publications for readers to see. The ads are matched based on the keyword you’ve picked. Whether it’s video, text, or visual ads, you can easily measure the performance of display ads.


Social Media Marketing

While it’s always free to sign up for a social media account and post content, sponsoring some posts will help you make the most of your web presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Email Marketing

Email marketing uses emails to increase your brand’s awareness.

For example, many marketers realize that email newsletters are a great tool. Newsletters have a clear CTA that motivates your subscribers to take action. As such, the marketers encourage consumers and readers to sign up for their brands’ newsletters.


You Should Definitely Consider Increasing Your Online Marketing Budget

As brands incorporate digital marketing strategies into their budget, they should expect to dig deeper into their wallets. Nonetheless, online marketing offers an excellent opportunity for a high ROI, but the cost of online campaigns continues to rise.

Here’s why you’ll spend more budget on online promotion than offline:

There Is Increased Competition for Online Promotion

As more brands devote their hard-earned money to online promotion, the competition is getting fierce.

While spending on traditional advertising is falling, digital marketing spend is increasing over time. This means brands are shifting their marketing spend.

Your competitors are already investing in various online marketing techniques and working to obtain new leads. They have increased marketing spend in four crucial digital marketing channels: social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, and online display advertising.

Brands that hope to compete will need to look carefully at their marketing budgets to see how far they can stretch their budget for online promotion.

Learn More About the Amazing Benefits of Online Promotion

Online promotion opens up a world of advantages over traditional advertising.

  • For starters, online promotion offers a more significant ROI than traditional advertising due to the relatively low cost of online channels.
  • You can easily target critical audiences. This way, you won’t be splashing money on displaying your ads to people who won’t be interested.
  • Certain types of online brand marketing (SEO and sponsored advertisements) will provide you with long-term exposure.
  • The internet is always open. You can reach more people online. Moreover, if users react well to your ad, it can go viral and spread further.
  • Thanks to analytics and insight tools, online marketing campaigns offer a more in-depth quantitative measurement of their results.

Use Online Promotion to Convey a Message of Unceasing Improvement

You form your brand’s image after a few years in the market.

However, it would be best to use online promotion to show your consumers that you’re taking measures to improve your product’s or service’s quality continuously.

The top brand of today can become extinct tomorrow. Ongoing online promotion will help you improve brand appeal. You can change your audience’s perception by conveying that extra features are added for client satisfaction and raising awareness about promotional offers.

Skills and Training

As a brand, you must ensure that your staff is knowledgeable enough to carry out digital marketing successfully. For example, there are some legal considerations around collecting and utilizing customer data for digital marketing purposes.

As such, your team should comply with the regulations regarding privacy and data protection. Trends, tools, and platforms change rapidly, and you must keep up-to-date.


You should never stop promoting your brand online, even when your marketing budget is small. When your resources are more limited than you would like, make intelligent choices about your priorities to decide how much money you should devote to the critical components of online promotion.