Motivate Your Employees

6 Simple Ways to Incentivize and Motivate Your Employees

Featured image by Alyibel on PIxabay

If you own a small business, you’re reliant on getting the most out of your workers to ensure successful outcomes. With our tips below, you’ll be able to motivate your employees to go above and beyond for a business that shows them appreciation and respect.

1. Provide Awards

One of the most effective ways to incentivize and motivate your employees is to offer rewards for excellent performance. 

For example, suppose a project team just completed an assignment that led to record revenues for that division. In that case, you may offer each employee an award plaque that recognizes them for their hard work. 

Giving award plaques to employees during meetings encourages others to work to attain the same recognition and appreciation. 

Other awards for top performance include preferred parking for a month and gift cards. Some companies also give top performers the ability to work at home. 

2. Offer Transparency 

When employees know what’s happening at the highest levels of a company, they feel more connected to the organization. It also helps if you allow employees to ask questions and offer feedback about new company initiatives.

When employees feel a connection to your organization, they’re more likely to work hard and stay with the company long term. 

3. Communicate Clear Reward Guidelines

It’s good to offer rewards in order to motivate your employees. However, it can lead to frustration if you don’t make the guidelines clear. 

Companies with the best reward programs communicate the criteria and how to get specific incentives. These programs also clearly state who makes the decisions, the workers who qualify for the rewards, etc. 

When workers know what their goal is, they’re more likely to work hard to get it. 

For instance, let’s say your business is launching a wellness program that offers rewards for attaining specific goals. Please remember to tell your workers what they need to do to get an award. 

If the award is a gift card, make sure it’s clear how they can get it, whether running three miles a day or visiting the doctor for yearly checkups. 


4. Note Small Achievements

It’s understandable for your company to provide rewards and recognition for significant achievements, but it’s also wise to recognize smaller ones.

For instance, your rewards system may offer incentives when a big project is completed on time and under budget. But, don’t forget to provide recognition for team members reaching milestones along the way. 

When you recognize small achievements throughout the project, workers feel valued and supported the entire way. This usually leads to a boost in productivity for your business and is a great way to further motivate your employees. 

5. Offer Rewards for Great Ideas

Every employee is motivated by bonuses, and you can leverage that by encouraging them to share ideas that improve the company. 

Some companies incentivize their workers by asking them for a fully developed idea with detailed steps and processes to improve the business. 

Co-workers vote on the idea, and if it gets enough votes and the owner approves it, the employee receives a small monetary bonus. 

6. Make Rewards Fun

Have you ever heard people say that work isn’t fun? Unfortunately, these comments often indicate unhappy, bored, or unmotivated employees, which leads to lower productivity and higher turnover. 

You can fight this issue by making your incentives fun to motivate your employees. When meeting company goals results in fun, it can brighten the office and improve the overall mood. 

Some companies like to reward workers for a well-done job by having a pizza party in the conference room. Another idea is to take the team out to a concert or comedy club to reward them for completing an important project. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways you can offer incentives to workers to improve performance. You just need to decide the best incentives that work for your culture, then clearly communicate how they get these awards. Try these tips to motivate your employees and watch your productivity grow.