Waste Recycling

4 Waste Recycling Business Ideas That Make Money

Featured image by Shirley810 on Pixabay

The amount of scrap materials that people throw away every day is unbelievable. Whether it’s food, aluminum cans, or paper, you will be surprised to see the vast quantity of scrap accumulating in scrapyards every day. However, that doesn’t mean scrapyard owners throw or burn everything down. Instead, they segregate waste materials according to their types and sell them to waste recycling businesses. Here are some of the companies that recycle waste materials:


1. Paper Recycling

Paper recycling is one of the most popular business ideas. Once recycled the waste paper gets converted into various things, such as egg trays, cartons, paper bags, and decorative handmade paper. The business model is simple enough for any new entrepreneur to start a paper recycling business. For example, if you want to recycle waste paper and make egg trays, you need to buy an egg tray-making machine, keep it in a shaded and protected area, and start making egg trays according to your average demand.

2. Tungsten Recycling

Tungsten is available in appliances, scrap cars, and heavy machines. Those who throw these items as scrap don’t know that tungsten carbide recycling can help make a variety of things. For example, a waste recycling business can make tungsten carbide wear parts, tungsten carbide drills, tungsten carbide mining compacts, tungsten carbide tri-cones, tungsten carbide inserts, asphalt milling teeth, and tungsten carbide fixed cutter matrix bits. The hard scrap goes through a molding process to shape these items that are useful in the construction and car-making industries.


3. Food Waste Recycling

Food waste recycling is one of the most profitable businesses globally, especially with the amount of food that gets wasted every day. Did you know that businesses process food and convert them into power and energy? Apart from power and energy, many companies are also recycling waste food into fertilizers and pesticides. Fortunately, there is an abundant supply of waste food, and you can turn them into fertilizers and sell them under your brand name. Businesses make at least 15% profit and more in the food waste recycling industry.

4. Vermicompost Recycling 

Many companies in tier-four cities are making considerable profits by recycling vermicompost waste and selling them as fertilizer. However, farmers often don’t have time to make compost. It takes approximately six months to convert biodegradable substances, such as fruit and vegetable peels, waste food, and animal feces into fertilizers for crops. Moreover, they can’t afford the space required to make compost. In such cases, various companies are responsible for collecting these waste materials and converting them into compost.

Instead of using chemical fertilizers, farmers can use compost, better for the soil and crops. Compost maintains the soil’s microbial balance and ensures that the crops grow fast. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a business idea where you don’t have to break the bank but can earn a handsome profit, you can start a waste recycling business. You can grow your business within your city and then gradually scale it.