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Are you passionate about shaving cream? Do you want to start your own shaving cream business online? If so, read on because this article will provide you with five tips to make your dream business a success.

1. Sell Related Supplies on Your Website

Successful businesses in any industry usually offer customers additional products or services related to the main product. When you’re selling shaving cream, you’ll make more money if you sell shaving tools like badger hair brushes, safety razors, straight razors, and beard oil.

While it’s entirely possible to create a specialty business selling only shaving cream, most businesses that try this model end up selling accessories. Even Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s eventually started selling things like wet wipes and other grooming products.

2. Tap into the Nostalgia of Traditional Wet Shaving

If you really want to see your sales soar, tap into the power of old-school wet shaving tools. There has been a small but significant revival of traditional wet shaving tools like straight razors, safety razors, and making your own lather with shaving soap.

People love nostalgia, even if it’s not from their era. The feeling of nostalgia can be overwhelmingly addictive for some people. For instance, there are some people who live every day as if they’re in a different century.

The couple in the video below, for example, lives as though they are in the Victorian era. Every piece of furniture in their house is from the 1800s. The guy doesn’t look like he shaves his face, but if he did, he’d likely use a traditional straight razor.

Nostalgia sells. If you’re going to make shaving cream, offer your customers traditional wet shaving tools. And make some traditional shaving cream that needs to be whipped into a lather.

3. Create Something Unique

Uniqueness is celebrated in the shaving world, but sometimes unique shaving products are low-tech. For example, Bevel was the first major shaving company to introduce a low-tech razor to the market. Although they sell a basic safety razor, people have been used to disposable, multi-blade razors for so long that a safety razor actually seems unique.

Brainstorm ways to create a unique line of shaving cream products. For example, start with standard scents. Then go out on a limb with specialty scents like coffee beans, orange cream, and pine.

To discover opportunities for uniqueness, do some market research to find out what features or ingredients in shaving cream people wish they could find. It could be as simple as the shape of the container, the ease of squeezing it out, the cap, or the ability to make the package stand up on the bathroom counter.

Unique products become highly desirable. However, you don’t want to make your shaving cream so unique that your customers will depend on you for all related supplies. For example, if you make square shaving soap, people won’t be able to drop it into a standard shaving bowl without squashing the corners. You can sell square shaving bowls, but your customers would be out of luck if their bowl breaks and you run out of stock.

4. Create an Irresistible Brand Image for Your Shaving Cream Business

Your brand consists of more than just your image, but your imagery is crucial in developing your brand. You need to be creative, but not too clever. You want a brand image that isn’t too complex but isn’t boring, either.

The best way to get the right imagery is to hire a professional graphic artist. However, skip Fiverr and Craigslist and talk to a real marketing agency. Although there are plenty of good designers out there, the kind of designer you need won’t waste their time advertising on free websites.

When you create an aesthetically pleasing brand image, people will start to recognize your imagery in your marketing campaigns. Once your brand feels familiar to people who haven’t tried your product, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.


5. Be Cautious with Subscription Services

Subscription services can help you generate more revenue. However, there is a dark side to subscriptions.

When you offer subscription services, you need to pay close attention to how you handle returns and how you process cancellations. You have to be on top of your game when it comes to the timing of your refund policies and make sure you honor all of your subscription terms.

If you want to run a subscription service, wait until you have a full-time staff on hand to run things smoothly.


Have Fun with Your Shaving Cream Business

Above all, have fun creating and running your shaving cream business. If you’re passionate about wanting people to have the best shaving experience possible, your customers will know the moment they interact with your brand.