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The choice of the right bulk bags is always the most important decision you will make when filling and transporting your product. There are many options available on the market, which vary in price, quality, and functionality, etc. 

Whether you’re looking for economy-grade fill bags or premium quality bulk bags with superior coating, FIBC manufacturers specialize in fabric solutions that offer cost savings through improved productivity, durability, and quality at every step of the supply chain process. They care about their customers’ needs, and they understand all different types of industries.

This means they can provide suitable solutions based on material requirements, including where extra abrasion resistance is needed (such as with chemicals) or where hygiene concerns apply (such as personal care products). Experts in the FIBC field also have a team of professionals to ensure you get the right product.

When choosing which bulk bags are best for your product, three key things need to be considered: material, performance, and filling. When you choose FIBC Solutions for your bulk bag solution, they offer everything you need from a single-source supplier.

1. Durability

Whether you’re transporting grain or powders, firm materials inside bales, durability is paramount if clients’ goods aren’t damaged during transportation. The most common damage cause is abrasion, so choosing quality fabric ensures that vital surfaces remain intact throughout distribution.

All bulk bags from FIBC Solution has been designed with an extra abrasion-resistant layer. This means you can be sure that your FIBC will stay strong and last longer. Plastic-coated bags feature a special additive, which ensures the inside of your bulk bag remains inert to grain or powder contact (avoiding, e.g., stickiness and clumping).

2. Hygiene and Resistance to Harsh Chemicals

If you’re transporting a hazardous product, then the wrong choice of bulk bags could have serious repercussions. If your bag isn’t resistant or suitable for that type of chemical, it can cause severe burns and other health concerns. FIBC Solutions offers a range of fabrics to suit different applications including those which are resistant to oils, grease, and fertilizers as well as many abrasive substances such as dust.

The use of synthetic fabrics often helps prevent contamination by microorganisms such as insects or fungi. Synthetic meshes are highly resistant to chemical agents, making them ideal for processing certain hazardous materials. Solutions from FIBC Solutions include positive packaging features such as protection against UV rays, grease, water, and anti-static properties resulting in improved logistics processes.

3. Visibility and Visibility of Contents

Depending on how the product is going to be handled during transport, the content of it depends on whether it needs to be clear or opaque. For instance, if it contains chemicals that shouldn’t come into contact with sunlight or air for any length of time before use, then you’ll want something more UV resistant than standard fill bags.

4. Cost Savings

Choosing high-quality fabric solutions with superior coating will result in cost savings through improved productivity, durability, and quality at every step of the supply chain process.

5. Ease of Loading and Loading Capacity

FIBC Solutions makes their bulk bags very durable, so you can handle them with ease, even when carrying heavy loads. Each bulk bag should have a weight capacity of 80-90kgs depending on the size of each product. This means they can save time while minimizing the labor costs.

6. Protection Against Impact Damage

Protection of the product is key against impact damage, especially where customized solutions are required to package liquid products with low viscosity. One of the most popular options for liquid packaging is the use of Super Sacks – which ensures that products such as powder or liquid products remain safe during transfer.

7. Storage and Compaction

It’s no exaggeration that 50% of your freight cost is spent on air space around your product. Bulk bags allow activities to take place in a confined area. They take up much less storage space than other packaging materials such as bins, boxes, or drums. FIBC Solutions has uniquely designed application systems that provide safe handling during use and storage.

When deciding on what kind of bulk bags you need, keep in mind how important “stackability” is when storing your product! Once filled with the right amount of material, if they aren’t stacked properly it can become very difficult to store them efficiently. Their team at FIBC Solutions will be able to advise on the best options for you.

8. Portability

Bulk bags are highly portable. This allows easy handling, storage, transportation, and use throughout various sectors. Sectors such as process industries, mining, agriculture, food processing, and pharmaceuticals can utilize them.

Transportation isn’t just about getting goods from A to B. It’s also about temperature control. Bulk bags provide excellent protection against temperature fluctuation during transit. They can be used on their own or in a fleet of trailers, trucks, or tankers. The safe handling systems they employ include pallet truck spreader bars and lift tables to ensure easy transportation.

9. Convenient Storage

To minimize costs, it’s essential that bulk bags are used efficiently to store the products (and reused when possible). FIBC Solutions can reduce your need for expensive storage facilities by offering an infinitely reusable packaging solution.

10. Variety

Whether you’re transporting goods in a liquid solution, fine powders, granules, or dense solids, they have a range of options available. This means FIBC Solutions can offer a total turnkey service for transporting products in any sector.

11. Bespoke Design

FIBCs are reusable and built to last, which keeps costs down throughout the product’s life cycle. In addition, many of their fabrics conform to international quality standards such as ISO9001:2008 and others. Their bespoke design options mean there’s no limit when it comes to creating your ideal solution.


Bulk bags provide cost-effective solutions for storing, packaging and transporting goods in bulk, all the while taking up less storage space than other materials. Whether you’re looking for an air-tight or waterproof solution, FIBC Solutions has one of the widest ranges of solutions to offer to suit your business needs.