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Choosing Booth Seating for Your Restaurant or Bar

Featured image by Theresa Lauria

Is there anything better than traditional, comfy booth seating? When you’re in a crowded pub or restaurant, booth seating helps you carve out a little seclusion. It provides you with a space that seems almost private.

In addition, booths are convenient for people who carry purses or bags. This is because they eliminate the need to put your bag on the back of a chair, where it may become a possible subject of interest for individuals with sticky fingers. Booths also free up valuable floor space, allowing a restaurant or bar to accommodate more people than if you only utilized tables.

However, in order to create stunning booth seating, you will need to invest considerable preparation and planning for both layout and design. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of useful suggestions to guarantee that the booth installation for your restaurant or bar goes off without a hitch.


Types of Booth Seating

Listen for terms such as “deuce,” “single,” “double,” and “split” when you’re shopping for restaurant booths for sale. A deuce is a tiny booth that can accommodate two persons at a time. A single booth features seating on one side only, with a flat back on the opposite side of the booth. It is usually used at the end of a row of booths. Essentially, doubles are two singles that are positioned next to each other yet constructed as a single unit. A split unit is a combination unit that has a booth on one side and normal seats on the other.


Booth Table Options

If you have a single or double booth, you have the option of adding a cantilever foundation for your table. This attaches directly to the wall of the booth. Such bases are advantageous since they open up space for greater leg room. Additionally, they are simple for restaurant employees to clean beneath. Additionally, they are less difficult to maintain over the long run. However, because visitors will rely on these bases on a daily basis, it is important to inspect them on a regular basis to ensure they are safe.

For booths that are not large enough to support a cantilever foundation, you can utilize a normal single column, disc, or x-prong table base as an alternative. When it comes to finishes and materials, the possibilities are unlimited. They range from heavy-duty iron to lightweight resin table bases.

Booth Styles

Once the planning is complete, it’s time to have some fun choosing the appropriate booth type to complement your establishment’s décor. Let’s consider a few possibilities:


A button-tufted booth with wooden legs is a traditional design alternative that is both classic and well-known. This style is commonly found in high-end restaurants and hip speakeasy-type pubs. It is guaranteed to improve the aesthetics of your establishment.

Head Roll

A basic booth with a built-in head roll provides guest comfort and creates a classic yet modest aesthetic. Its attractiveness will complement the overall style of your organization.


When it comes to a plain-back booth, there is nothing wrong with clean lines. Traditionally designed, these booths are frequently the most cost-effective solution for institution owners because of their classic and traditional appearance. This traditional seating choice, streamlined and basic in design, will look good in practically any area.


With its ageless appeal, a channel-back design is simply that: easy elegance. Even while the long lines of the channeling on the back of this booth appear to be beautifully vintage, when coupled with a modern color palette, they can produce quite a striking effect.

We once saw a classic 50’s restaurant create this bench with channels made of red and white vinyl that contrasted with a white seat. This design provides you with a plethora of opportunities to express yourself artistically.


With a few modest tweaks, you can transform the channel back design from diner to club. This wide-channel alternative, for example, has a sleek and elegant style thanks to the reduction in the number of channels. Meanwhile, the polished metal legs add a modern and open sense. Increase the impact of this design by matching a dark seat color with eye-catching upholstery to create a style that your visitors will remember for years to come.


Please don’t listen to anyone who tells you that booth seating is an antiquated concept. Cabins, which are available in current variations of classic designs from the majority of commercial seating establishments, are a terrific way to add aesthetic appeal to your company while also providing comfy, secluded seats that your guests will like.