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Kid Business Ideas

It’s never too early for kids to dive into entrepreneurship. Whether they want to earn some extra money or are inspired to start their own business we love their excitement. Here are a ton of kid business ideas that they can launch today! 

Depending on how old the child is when they want to start their business will determine how much help they will need from you as a parent. 

For younger children, having a garage sale or a lemonade stand are some of the classic business ideas. But now that we live in such a digital world, the opportunities can be endless! 

Best Kid Business Ideas for 2021

Etsy Store 

Does your child have a knack for creating handmade items? Etsy is a great place to start, with a parent’s assistance of course. 

Handmade items can include artistic prints, photography, slime, jewelry, clay figures, stickers, etc. 

An Etsy store is relatively cheap to start and you are only charged a small per listing fee along with a percentage when the product sells. Having good photos makes a big difference when it comes to Etsy businesses. 


So the kids want to start a Youtube channel to make some money, a great idea, but this can take a little bit. Whether they are into playing video games or unboxing/reviewing toys like Ryan, there is still room for their channel on the web. 

In order to monetize a Youtube channel, they require you to have 4,000 watch hours and at least 1,000 subscribers. This may sound intimidating, but if your kids really want to make this happen, they could start earning money quicker than you think. 

Lawn Care 

Once they become teenagers, starting a grass-cutting business is almost a right of passage. Obviously, this kid business idea is one for those who are older and have experience with lawn equipment. 

T-Shirts Business for Kids

If you don’t have the equipment to start a t-shirt business from home, your child can always be the eye behind the design, add them to an e-commerce store such as Shopify, and offload the manufacturing and shipping to a print on demand company. 

Pet Sitter 

Pet owners are always looking for someone to take care of their furry friends! The kids could even extend their services into grooming and walking as they gain more experience. Here you will find some good sites for pet sitting jobs to offer your kids.


This is another traditional kid business idea, but definitely still needed. Parents lack contacts many times to find care for their little ones when it comes to heading out for date night. 

Musician Lessons 

If your child has musical talent this area of business can be very lucrative! It’s also amazing that a child can teach their peers and adults depending on their capabilities. 

Bakery Owner 

Pass on your family baking recipes to your little ones and let them make a few bucks off of cupcakes and cookies. If you aren’t aware, the cake baking and decorating business is actually a really good industry to dive into, and it allows room for creativity at the same time. 


Take the lens and turn those amazing photos into cash! The photography industry is an amazing opportunity to gain exposure in your community and the online world. Many stock photo websites are looking for new creators and will pay you to take over the rights of the images. 

If you are looking for some local gigs, you can talk to other local artists and businesses to see if they would be willing to hang your prints for sale in their brick-and-mortar location. 

We hope that these kid business ideas inspire your little ones to start their entrepreneurial journey as young as they can all while learning along the way! 

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