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Since the early 1990’s the BPO industry in the Philippines has grown. In fact, the country has become known as the “outsourcing capital of the world.” Philippines BPO vendors boasted revenues of US$26 billion in 2019 and employed more than 1.2 million people.

BPO stands for “business process outsourcing.” Most owners of small businesses assume that access to this treasure trove of business processing resources is reserved for the Amazons and Accentures of the world. Nothing could be further from the truth.


In reality, offshore outsourcing to the Philippines is an excellent way for businesses of any size to compete in the global marketplace. However, few business owners understand the potential benefits of using BPOs in the Philippines.

Here are just a few of the most surprising ways working with a premium provider in the Philippines can help your business:

Establish a 24/7 Contact Center Through BPO Vendors in the Philippines

Outsource your contact center and manage the core components of the business from nine to five (with some possibility of overlap). How? By leveraging BPO vendors in the Philippines for after-hours coverage.

This allows you to optimize staffing costs by establishing one team that covers both peak and off-peak hours. Alternatively, hand off all your customer support to a BPO provider in the Philippines and eliminate all the issues associated with staffing completely. Meanwhile, you’ll save 50% on labor while you’re at it.

Around-the-clock staffing means you won’t have to worry about employees taking leaves of absence, sick days, or suffering from burnout. Around-the-clock staffing allows you to assist customers in different time zones. It helps you maximize productivity while maintaining your competitive edge.

Install a Virtual CFO

Transform your bookkeeping and other financial processes into an outsourced, scalable model that allows you to focus on the core competencies of your business. By tapping into back-office services through BPO vendors in the Philippines you can gain financial expertise whenever your business needs it.

This approach allows businesses to reduce overhead and grow revenue while gaining access to expert-level financial services without hiring a full-time CFO.


Streamline and Scale Your IT Department

Give your in-house IT team the ability to tap into tech support services through BPO vendors in the Philippines. Let them access these services whenever additional IT resources are required.

Alternatively, maybe you don’t have an IT department yet, but your company has reached a stage of growth that has made one necessary. In that case, you can outsource your entire IT operation to the Philippines.

This is an excellent way for every company, from SMEs to entrepreneurial home-based businesses, to focus on their core competencies while always maintaining full access to top-tier technical expertise.

Hire a Virtual CEO Through BPO Vendors in the Philippines

Virtual CFOs are great, but virtual CEOs are straight fire!

Here’s how it works: You give your team the ability to manage their core responsibilities while tapping into BPO vendors in the Philippines for strategic guidance and management on an as-needed basis. This approach gives businesses the ability to scale and grow revenue while maintaining an engaged team of entrepreneurs.

Acquire Instant Access to Top Technologies and Infrastructure with BPO Vendors in the Philippines

When you offshore your work to BPO vendors in the Philippines, you’re immediately accessing cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. Premium BPO’s reinvest capital into these resources. This allows them to remain competitive.

Additionally, the majority have state-of-the-art infrastructure. This means you don’t have to shell out for software, hardware, equipment, or office space that you won’t use much. The result? You can focus on the core needs of your business and reduce additional expenses.

Connect with a Skilled Workforce

Business process outsourcing in the Philippines is the country’s single largest employment sector. It contributes more than 7% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employs more than 1.2 million people. As a result, there is great demand for these jobs, especially with premium BPO’s.

Moreover, the Philippine education system is specifically focused on training for this industry. The result is a highly skilled labor force that has excellent English proficiency.

Are You Looking to Increase Revenues Without Sacrificing Core Competencies?

The benefits of BPO vendors in the Philippines for owners of small businesses are wide and varied. They include cost savings, access to top-tier technology platforms, 24/7 staffing availability, scalability, and the ready availability of skilled talent. These benefits make BPO vendors in the Philippines a compelling resource for businesses of any size.