Office Environment

Functional Fit Out: Creating a Productive Office Environment

Featured image by Remy_Loz on Unsplash

Productivity is an indicator of a positive company culture and office environment. Your productivity will increase when you or your employees are happy and supported, and have the right equipment to do the job. Being more productive increases profitability, lowers production costs, and improves customer service and business relationships. 

Organizational growth and productivity flow naturally from healthy work environments. This is why many larger corporations often invest in the services of an office fit out company to create more stimulating work environments. However, if you’re a remote worker or the owner of a small business, don’t despair. Even small changes to your habits and equipment can make a significant difference in the productivity and efficiency of your business moving forward. 

Let’s take a look at some simple tips to help you get started, whether you’re working remotely from home, or you run a larger company. 


Foster a Culture of Productivity

Your work or office environment isn’t just the physical space you work in. It also includes the processes and procedures that contribute to you being more productive. It should also include the culture of your business. Ask yourself, “how does it feel to be you in your office or workplace?”

Being comfortable at work can help you to be more productive. You might want to give your office environment a much-needed makeover to boost productivity. Choose the right colors and bring as much natural light in as possible. For example, colors such as yellow encourage creativity, while muted shades soothe the senses. 

Eliminate Distractions

Every office has distractions, from phone notifications to chatty co-workers to meetings. Take the time to figure out what’s distracting you and your team. Identifying problem areas makes it easier to find solutions and stop distractions in your office environment.

Maintain an Organized Workspace

There’s nothing wrong with a little mess. In fact, some people claim that it stimulates creativity. Although that doesn’t mean you should work in chaos. There’s a fine line between organized chaos and messy inefficiency.

Do your best to maintain a clean, organized workspace. Since you won’t be searching for misplaced items, your mind will also not be distracted by the mess which will keep you more productive moving forward.

Beautify Your Surroundings

Several studies have found a correlation between scents and memories. Though people have widely divergent reactions to scents, studies show that certain scents can change our moods and make us feel better. Try using a scent you like to create a more pleasing workspace for yourself. When working in an office space or working from your laptop bag, use different scents to keep the air smelling fresh and clean.

Adding plants to the office environment can help create a more positive atmosphere by refreshing the air and improving moods. A plant can add some life to a workspace that might otherwise be quite sterile. Studies have shown that plants and flowers boost productivity at work, with problem-solving skills and creativity all improved in workplaces where plants and flowers are present.


Find the Right Soundtrack for Your Office

According to some studies, background noise improves productivity. However, other studies claim that “silence is preferred when working”. Some people work better with background noise such as music playing or people talking. Others like it quiet. Determine the right type of environment for you and your employees to ensure maximum productivity moving forward.

For example, allowing employees to listen to their favorite music or podcasts using headphones may make their experience and productivity better. On the other hand, louder meetings may be better held in a separate room.

Invest in the Right Tools, Equipment, and Resources

Without the right equipment, tools, and resources, it’s almost impossible to achieve optimal productivity. It’s important to provide your employees with everything they need to obtain optimal results. This is because it helps to eliminate the distraction of having to find or borrow the tools they need or trying to make do without them. Your investment will pay off, creating a more productive work or office environment for you and your team.

Design ergonomic workstations to prevent carpal tunnel issues and eyestrain. This will naturally increase productivity and reduce absenteeism due to back pain or neck strain and headaches.

Make Sure Your Office Provides an Environment That Fosters Creativity

The work or office environment includes both your structural surroundings and the people around you. The way you feel in this space will determine how easy it is for you to focus, be happy, and be productive. Be sure to take the time to create an office space for you and your team that will allow you to be as productive as possible so you can continue to work towards your goals with confidence.