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How to Run a Business Remotely: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

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Recently, more entrepreneurs than ever before have had to learn how to move their operations online and run their business remotely. A wide array of digital tools makes this possible.

For example, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur and you want to vacation with a yacht rental near me. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice business efficiency. You can learn to competently manage your team, even if everyone works from home. You simply run your business remotely with the help of online services. There are multiple tasks that you and your team can safely complete online.

Take Advantage of Digital Services to Run Your Business Remotely

The internet makes it easy to run a business remotely. You can easily monitor employees’ work, communicate with customers, make regular payments, and interact with various authorities.


Business Process Management

As the owner of your business you are in a position to understand if your employees can perform their duties not only from the office but also from home. Therefore, if possible, move your team to remote work and run your business remotely.

Well-established processes will allow you to know immediately how well a task is progressing. You can track by clear metrics which employees are bringing in revenue for the company and which ones are wasting working time. At any moment you can bring up important information you might need about a client, even if the last time they contacted you was five years ago. There are several kinds of software that help keep all these processes online, making it easier than ever to run a business remotely.

CRM Systems and Task Managers

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems summarize and store data about your business. The data can include customer databases, staffing information, and transactions, as well as efficiency management and workload tracking.

Functionality varies from program to program but all make it easy to run a business remotely. Some can run email newsletters and automate reminders, while others integrate with third-party resources. Most of today’s CRMs have mobile applications, too. With these, you can use your phone to track how things are going at any time, without having to go somewhere, call someone, or collect statuses on employees.

Additionally, you can use task trackers to help you run your business remotely. They have many advantages over spreadsheets, highlights and underlines in phone notes, or stickers on the computer. Task trackers cover the affairs of the whole team. Each employee knows what his or her colleagues are working on at the moment.

Necessary files, descriptions, and contacts can be attached to tasks. This keeps you from having to search for details in chats and correspondence and you always have them at hand. What’s more, task trackers can help you never to forget to follow up with a vendor or client on time. This is because you can set your trackers with deadlines, reminders, and notifications. Plus, all completed tasks are stored in the archive, and you can pick up an old task at any time.

Platforms for Sending and Receiving Regular Payments

Any business, whether run remotely or not, needs to be able to send payments to vendors and receive payments from clients. Many of these transactions can be automated and moved online.


Cloud Services

Cloud services may differ from onsite servers in some respects, but the principle is the same. In short, they allow you to store information without cluttering up your computer’s hard drive. Then you can access it at any convenient time, from wherever you are. Modern clouds are reliably protected by user authentication systems, so storing data in them is even safer than on a physical disk. Evaluate what cloud services can be useful for running your business remotely.

Cloud Storage Makes It Easy to Run a Business Remotely

Share files without the need to create local networks with complex user and tier systems. You can pour terabytes of information into the cloud and not worry about data loss if your computer crashes.

Cloud Accounting Will Give You Peace of Mind

Cloud accounting allows you to keep your company’s finances in an online service instead of buying and installing desktop software. With online accounting, you only pay for the services you need. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about updates.

Cloud-Based Document Management Will Save You Money

Cloud-based document management gives you the ability to save on IT infrastructure in order to share documents with clients or departments. At its core, it’s similar to cloud accounting. It’s a document program provided as an online service and it’s ideal for running a business remotely.

A Cloud-Based Automatic Telephone Exchange Will Help You Run Your Business Remotely

A cloud-based automatic telephone exchange replaces the office phone network or call center. You rent an IP PBX, and customers get to contact you via a toll-free number or a widget on your website.



If you have been thinking about making the changes necessary to run your business remotely, there has never been a better time than now. So look into the digital tools that will work best for your business and get started today.