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A Short Guide on Cleaning Your Restaurant

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When it comes to running an entertainment venue like a restaurant, the focus should be on ensuring customers feel confident and safe enjoying their free time with you. Keeping an elevated level of cleanliness helps prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Meanwhile, properly cleaning your restaurant also keeps customers and staff safe from the usual illness hazards found in public venues.


Things to consider when cleaning your restaurant may differ from the dining or bar area to the kitchen. However, it should all aim to keep everyone safe and happy. Many companies regularly opt for professional restaurant cleaning services. However, for those who want to ensure they clean their venues in-house efficiently, we have compiled a short guide. Following these suggestions will ensure you are covering all your cleanliness bases.

Clean Your Restaurant More Than Usual

Frequency is a vital element of any cleaning process. In times like this, more is better. You want to avoid cross-contamination. Danger points include surfaces, customer and staff contact, used dishes and cups, or anything else that anyone has touched. For this reason, we recommend cleaning everything, including hands and table surfaces, after each interaction.

Use Correct Commercial Equipment and Supplies

Beyond cleaning frequency, it’s essential to use the correct commercial cleaning equipment, detergents, and sanitizers for the job you are doing. A home cleaning solution may not be acceptable for cleaning a restaurant. Therefore, it’s essential to consider your venue and what commercial-grade products will do the best job.

Sanitize Everything: Surface or Skin

While restaurant cleaning ensures a hygienic venue, killing germs via sanitizing is also essential. Sanitization destroys bacteria and viruses on surfaces. Include in your restaurant cleaning routines tables, chairs, and work surfaces. Doing so will reduce contamination risks, providing a safer entertainment and dining venue. Also, offering hand-sanitizer to both customers and staff lowers any possible germ load.

Ventilate the Venue!

Ventilation has always been a mandatory requirement. However, it’s even more critical now to keep everyone in a venue safe. With the higher chemical levels from intense cleaning regimes, airflow through vents, windows, doors, and mechanical ventilation that uses fans and ducts will help airflow are best. Using them will ensure a safe and healthy restaurant environment. An optimal setup would include both natural and automated ventilation to force air in and out. You want to keep the air in your restaurant breathable and harmless.


Professional Cleaning of Your Restaurant Will Keep Everyone Safer

Cleanliness is vital when running a venue. Even making minor changes and tweaking processes can significantly affect the result. Ensuring everyone—from management to staff to customers—is on the same page and invested in health and safety via venue cleanliness can significantly affect business operations.

There is always a point, however, when you will need the help of a professional. Reach out to Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London to learn how we help businesses all over the capital with their professional deep cleaning needs. Our deep clean services make day-to-day cleaning much simpler to manage. We are experts in every aspect of restaurant cleaning, including commercial kitchens. So call us today for more information or to receive a quote.