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Recruiting is more important now than it has ever been.

There is more competition for talented employees than there was before. Nonetheless, if you want your company to stay one step ahead of the competition, you need to hire the right people.

This is where workforce data can be helpful. You have more information at your fingertips than ever before. At the same time, what do you need to track? Take a look at a few key points below.

How Did Your Employees Find You?

When it comes to effective recruiting, first think about how your candidates and current employees found you. For example, did you connect with some of them on LinkedIn?

Or, do you have a career page on your website that drives a lot of traffic? You might even have openings posted on job boards. If so, how much traction are they getting?

Figure out what avenues are working well for your business. Then put your resources in the right basket. What channels are driving the most successful recruiting?


Where Are You Recruiting Your Best Candidates From?

In addition to digital portals for recruiting, you should also think about geographic location.

What part of the country are your employees coming from? Do you have people who are working remotely from a specific area? Do you find that you are getting a lot of graduates from a specific part of the country?

If you are having success in a certain area of the country, you may want to focus more on that area. There might be other employees just like the ones you currently have who could contribute to your business.

How Do Your Employees Identify Themselves?

You should also ask your current employees how they identify themselves. Do they identify themselves as sales professionals? Do they identify themselves as technology professionals?

You don’t necessarily need to care about the labels they use. However, these labels are important during the recruiting process. Think about how your most important employees identify themselves. Then use those labels during the recruiting process.

This type of data can help you figure out how you can uncover more employees just like the ones who are most successful. This can go a long way toward helping your business maintain its foothold in a competitive industry.


Recruit and Hire the Right People for Your Company

In the end, there is a lot of information available to you. In fact, there might be too much. You have no way to track all of it, so you need to think carefully about what numbers actually matter to you.

If you think about tracking the right information, you will have an easier time recruiting talented employees who will contribute to your company. That way, you can put your business in the best position possible to be successful.

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