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Print Isn’t Dead: Combining Digital with Print Marketing

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With the digital marketing space evolving so rapidly, it can be tempting to focus all your energies on marketing your business online. But you’d be missing out if you set aside print marketing entirely.

There are still a great many things that print can accomplish. The real question is how to make the most of both. Below, we explore how you can thrive by combining digital with print marketing.

Combining Digital with Print Marketing in a Hybrid Strategy

Creating brand loyalty with customers is crucial to a business’s success.

Research from PWC shows that 73% of consumers highlight customer service as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Indeed, a whopping 42% of consumers would pay more if it meant receiving a welcoming, personal experience from a business.

One way in which you can create this kind of connection is through print marketing, with which you can tell unique stories and unleash your creativity to make customers feel special. By combining that advantage with elements of digital marketing, you can create unique branding that sets you apart from competitors.


Using QR Codes in Print Marketing

QR codes are one of the best ways to implement a hybrid strategy. A QR code is a matrix barcode that smartphones can scan to reveal information.

James Wilmshurst, founder of BePresentable, explains that he uses QR codes to enhance his marketing strategy as they can help people to engage more actively with what you’re trying to say. It’s easy to ignore a passive form of marketing. However, the opportunity to scan a QR code can interest and excite people.

James uses QR codes on flyers and presentations to personalize his work and present his business in the best way. On top of this, it also gives consumers something digital to take away from your print marketing, even after they’ve lost the leaflet.


Where to Place Your QR Codes and When to Use Them

But where can you place the QR code for your hybrid strategy?

You want something physical that a potential customer will take away before discovering the digital information from your QR code. This could be something simple like printable business cards or flyers. Perhaps offer a catalogue that reveals more information about the business once scanned.

Alternatively, you could be more creative and place your QR code on vibrant stickers, product labels, or even an eye-catching banner. This would really grab the attention of potential customers.

A Hybrid Marketing Strategy Attracts More Attention

For your business marketing strategy, combining digital and print marketing in a hybrid system can be incredibly effective. A hybrid system can offer you more unique and personal ways to attract the attention of consumers and provide the quality experience that customers crave.

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