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Who Can You Make Professional Negligence Claims Against?

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Every professional has a duty to carry out their responsibilities to a required standard. When they breach this duty of care, their clients are often the ones who pay the price. The client may have suffered a financial, personal, or professional loss due to the professional’s negligence.

You can file a professional negligence claim against a number of professionals, from doctors to accountants. Basically, it is your attorney’s responsibility to help and advise you through the claim process.

Here are the different types of professionals you can claim against for negligence:

Accountants Who Are Negligent

Money is a hot topic. Moreover, if there’s one thing we all hate, it’s losing money. You should be able to trust your accountant in handling and managing your money. You might own a large corporation or a small business. Either way, you need an accountant to handle the financial side of the business and keep your books in order.

If your accountant was negligent, it could lead to financial loss for your business. However, your attorney can help you seek compensation for your losses, and your company can recover from the financial blow.


When an attorney is negligent, it often has costly consequences for the client. It could also cause a problem in the justice system and the client’s entire case.

It has been legal to sue barristers in the UK since 2000, and many claims have been made since. Usually, the claimant will file a case if a barrister has provided negligent advice. However, there is a time limit on barrister cases. Therefore, you should aim to file the claim within six years of the negligence incident.


Before you buy a house, it’s common practice to have a surveyor check out the property. They will look for structural issues, asbestos, damp, and much more.

Surveyors train for many years to build their construction and real estate expertise. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors regulates each surveyor in the UK. There are strict standards of professional conduct and client care to meet.

If a surveyor is negligent, you may end up buying a house that is not safe to live in. You could find problems with the property. In the worst case, you might find toxic asbestos throughout the home. If you have suffered financial loss from this negligence, you can file a claim for damages.


Medical negligence cases can be catastrophic. A healthcare professional may have failed to provide adequate care, causing the patient’s condition to worsen or bringing about an entirely new injury altogether.


Finding an Attorney Who Specializes in Negligence Cases

Negligence cases must be approached with the utmost sensitivity. That’s why you must choose your attorney with care. Check with friends and family members to get leads before beginning your search. Read online reviews on attorneys who specialize in negligence cases. And finally, interview several attorneys before you make your decision.