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5 Ways to Build Brand Awareness for Your Small Business

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Small businesses are the backbone of the any country’s economy. In fact, they comprise 97.9% of all Canadian businesses. But every small business wants to be successful. Success is often measured through sales and a loyal customer base. And this is where brand awareness comes in.

Brand awareness is how customers recognize your business. It is how familiar they are with your products, services, and image. Moreover, it sets you up as an authority in your industry and attracts more loyal customers.

Looking for ways to increase brand awareness for your small business? Here are a few things you can do to catapult your brand into the public consciousness.


Sponsor Local Events

An excellent way to build brand awareness is to make your small business a part of the community. You can do this by participating in the community’s local events and even sponsoring some. It can be a charity run, a school dance, or a football game. This establishes you as a community staple, a business that cares.

It might cost a bit of cash, but the event can be an opportunity to promote your business. You can give away or sell company merchandise. For example, it’s easy to find cheap t-shirt printing services or make custom tote bags.


Maintain a Solid Social Media Presence

Social media is an extremely effective and convenient way to build brand awareness today. It can also be inexpensive. Plus, creating an account for your small business costs nothing. You only need a solid strategy.

Social media’s greatest strength is its capability to foster direct connections. Through it, your audience can contact you directly and vice versa.

A good strategy also helps you present your brand identity better. You can curate a voice, tone, and personality for your business. This allows potential customers to connect with your services better.

Maximize Influencer Marketing

Alongside your own social media presence, influencer marketing is the current big thing. It involves partnering with a social media influencer to get your brand recognized. You can also do this with traditional celebrities.

It usually works by allowing the influencer to experience your product or service. Then, they can make a few posts or a review of what your small business offers.

Influencer marketing gives your business a more human face. This is because potential customers can see your product in action. Social media influencers are also pretty trusted in their niche or industry, and their positive opinion lends authority to your business.

Partner with Established Brands

Partnering with established brands can help you boost brand awareness for your small business. Well-known brands have worked hard to become household names. For example, think Colgate, Kleenex, and Coca-Cola. They already have well-established brand awareness. You can bank on this fact and build a mutually beneficial partnership.

The partnership doesn’t have to be permanent, however. You can limit it to a single event or through a specific period. This also depends on the company and what you can offer them. Building connections is an excellent way to establish your business as a reliable brand.

Work on Your SEO

Aside from social media, the most common service people use online is the search engine. Google takes the cake with an 86.64% desktop market share.

You’re most likely to look through the first few results when using a search engine. It’s rare for people to venture past the first or second page. Therefore, with people consulting the internet for business reviews, SEO is your best friend.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you reach the top of Google’s search results. It involves targeted keywords and backlinks to maximize the search engine’s algorithm. Good SEO helps people find your business in an easier way.

Nonetheless, building brand awareness isn’t an overnight endeavor. It takes time and careful strategy to do so. Therefore, think long-term and plan accordingly, and your small business will soon harvest the fruits of your labor.

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