The Best Industrial Doors for the Food Industry

Featured image by Kc0uvb from Pixabay

All businesses that store and work with foods and perishable goods must have their premises up to par. Maintaining safe temperatures and cleanliness of the area is key to ensuring the products stored or used do not spoil or become contaminated. Choosing the correct workspace internal doors and segregating areas can make this job simple if you opt for solutions such as double action doors and strip curtains available from leading industrial door manufacturers such as Hörmann.

Choosing a company that embraces environmentally friendly manufacturing processes for your doors and strip curtains will also ensure that you are doing your bit to protect the environment and commit to a greener future.


Double Action Doors

Choosing doors that provide easy entry and exit for both foot and forklift traffic will ensure your daily business operations can carry on without the disruption to movement suffered from standard internal doors. Flexible door solutions such as flex double-action doors are great to allow more effortless movement of forklift traffic between zones.

So, such doors are suitable for internal space segregation or to provide a barrier to the outside. They offer essential climate protection to meet industry regulations and safe working practices by ensuring that adjoining environments do not impact your food or perishable goods storage or production.

Key Features and Optional Extras of Double Action Doors

Double action doors provide a space-saving and versatile means to reduce temperature loss. It even reduces temperature loss when used in high traffic areas, as they close quickly after a breach, without the need for additional action. So, traffic can flow safely and freely between areas unhindered, without disruption or area compromise. They also provide a barrier against other contaminants entering sensitive areas and protect staff and sites from adjacent sensitive temperatures. They’re flexible too. Features include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Temperature control for cold store areas with temperature resistance from -40oC to +40oC
  • Door leaves with tear-resistant mesh inserts that are also strong, durable, and space-saving
  • Clear door leaves for added light and visibility
  • Colored door leaves with vision sections/fields that provide discreet privacy segregation with safe visibility for traffic movement options
  • You can upgrade from standard 7mm to 10mm thick UPVC materials for added strength and durability
  • Impact protection with all-over woven inlays that can handle forklift and pedestrian movement required in busy operating areas
  • 2/3 piece profile frame to fit petition walls or gas concrete – pre-assembled framing for easy fitting
  • Stainless steel and frame profile upgrades
  • Manual force closing or electric double-action upgrade

For optimal use, the doors should be twice as wide and 50cm taller than the width and height of the goods transported to ensure that free movement both in and out is safe.


Strip Curtains

Strip curtains offer a low-cost closure option for large and small area segregation. They help reduce temperature loss by limiting the exposure to compromising temperatures as they close quickly after a breach through any doors.

A strip curtain is mostly close-fitting even when areas are subject to high traffic volumes, providing an ideal energy-saving option. Furthermore, strip curtains improve light conditions, reducing the cost of lighting as their transparency promotes light transfer between areas. Used widely throughout the food and perishable products industries, including pharmaceutical and cold store sites.

Key Features and Optional Extras of Door Strip Curtains

Also, strip curtains can be purchased with a range of features and optional extras including:

  • Clip-in systems for easy fitting into doors
  • Aluminum profile railing and clips ensure quick and easy strip additions and removals.
  • Optional anti-glare welding curtains
  • UPVC materials ideal for cold store areas – temperature resistant up to 35oC, with a -55oC breaking point
  • Push aside track versions – which can also incorporate electrical operation
  • 90o curve rails for non-standard segregation needs

Strip curtains are available in a wide width range and can be fitted fully or partially overlapping for added versatility. They provide a highly effective means to protect and segregate areas within food production sites.

This option also aids temperature control within cold environments from unwanted exposure to elements, protects products from contamination or provides a safer working environment for staff in adjacent areas. They will allow easy traffic flow, close quickly behind whilst stopping the easy transference of unwanted elements.

Final Thoughts

In terms of which option is best for you, this really depends on your workspace and the reasons you’re looking for such doors. So, if you’re not sure which way to go, why not find a company that could supply both. Contact them to ask which would be best suited to your needs.