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Why Being a Green Entrepreneur Benefits Everyone

Featured image by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Are you thinking about starting an environmentally conscious business? See how being a green entrepreneur would benefit everyone, from yourself to employees, customers, and the environment.


These days, climate change and its consequences on people’s health and well-being are becoming more apparent. Corporate social and environmental responsibility is thereby also becoming an imperative.

An eco-friendly business is one that shows a commitment to an environmentally sustainable future. This may sound like going green only brings benefits to our planet and future generations. However, at a smaller scale, having a green business is beneficial to so much more.

Here are the five reasons why being a green entrepreneur benefits everyone.

1. You Get a Lot of Personal Satisfaction

Studies have shown that the more pro-environmental actions you engage in, the more worthwhile you consider your activities to be overall. More precisely, numerous studies have found that people who purchase green products, recycle, or volunteer for green causes claim to be more satisfied with their lives than those who are less eco-friendly individuals. So, owning an environmentally friendly business and having such a huge effect on the planet surely come with a lot of personal satisfaction.

You will know that you’re involved in something that genuinely benefits the environment. And because you do, even something as simple as minimizing paper waste or recycling waste will give you personal satisfaction. You will understand that you’re helping out the planet, other people, and all living creatures on Earth.

So, while it may seem that people and entrepreneurs are losing when they put bigger effort into living a sustainable life, the truth is that the more you put in, the more you stand to gain.

2. Your Employees Work in a Healthy Environment

Eco-friendly businesses also benefit their employees. All environmentally conscious practices tend to create healthier environments for the people who work in them. These benefits range from natural light to better ventilation, lack of toxic products, and more.

And guess what?

Employees are actually looking for more sustainable employers for the exact same reason. A recent IBM survey found that nearly 71% of job seekers want to work for environmentally sustainable companies. What’s more, almost half of the respondents have also shared that they would even accept a lower salary to work for such a company.

How does an eco-friendly workplace help employees? In many ways, including:

  • An eco-friendly workplace offers employees a good self-image.
  • It keeps them engaged and satisfied with the prospects of doing meaningful work.
  • A green business protects employees from toxic substances.
  • It helps them identify with a significant environmental cause.

3. Going Green Cuts Costs and Attracts Customers

Going green is also a wise business decision. Eco-friendly practices can also help your business cut down costs and attract more customers than its industry rivals. Solar power is one of the most eco-friendly renewable energy sources on the planet. Many homeowners in Utah are harnessing the power of the sun to reduce their energy bills through SunPower solar panels.

Today’s customers are very informed and aware of climate change. They understand how it affects them and their loved ones. They also know how they can contribute to change things for the good. One way to contribute to better initiatives for the environment is to purchase from eco-friendly companies.

Now more than ever, consumers really want to buy green products. They look for products that have a low impact on the environment. They are even willing to pay more money for such products. Studies show that 85% of consumers worldwide have become “greener” in their purchasing habits in recent years. What’s more, globally, sustainability is considered an important purchase factor for 60% of consumers. But that’s not all. One-third of consumers are even willing to pay premium prices for sustainable products and services.


Moreover, besides attracting customers to your green business more easily, respecting eco-friendly practices also helps you save a lot of money. And, you know what they say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

As the experts in recycling solutions from Miltek around the UK explain, “Every small change, from switching to eco-friendly lighting to buying second-hand office furniture and equipment, conserving water, going paperless, and properly managing your waste can cut down your costs and reduce landfill waste and your carbon footprint at the same time.”

4. Customers Contribute to Protecting Our Planet

The fact that customers are drawn to eco-friendly businesses doesn’t just benefit the entrepreneurs behind those brands. Customers, too, benefit from buying green.

Customers who are more willing to contribute to the future of the planet are, in fact, contributing to creating a healthier place for themselves and their loved ones to live in. A new study has found that 58% of adults are more mindful of their effect on the environment. Meanwhile, 85% said they are also willing to take personal steps to combat the environmental challenges our planet is facing these days.

Customers wish for companies and brands they shop with to reduce waste, reduce air and water pollution, and tackle the issue of plastic pollution in packaging and products. So being more aware of their purchases and how they impact our planet is a great way to contribute to protecting the environment.

The bottom line: When you start an eco-friendly business, you offer consumers the opportunity to choose to buy from a company that genuinely helps the planet. By purchasing from you, consumers are contributing to protecting our planet.


5. A Green Business Benefits the Environment

Last but not least, starting a green business benefits the environment. Going green is good for business, but it also serves a bigger purpose: protecting the environment.

No matter the industry or size, eco-friendly businesses naturally lead to savings. Various practices such as energy conservation, recycling, use of water-saving devices, and energy-efficient equipment have proven to be friendlier with our planet’s resources.

Using green practices significantly reduces the pollution and waste that your business could produce. And the best part of it all is that sustainability and a green business culture doesn’t have to come at the expense of your profits.