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Best Businesses to Start in 2022

Featured image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Times have changed drastically in the past five years. Gone are the days when any old business idea had an equal chance of earning a profit. Nowadays, consumers are pickier and more sophisticated. Moreover, they are inundated with offers from merchants of all kinds. Therefore, if you decide to open your own business, it’s imperative to know some of the best opportunities for businesses the 2020s.

A short list of the best businesses to start typically includes product review blogs, rental real estate investing, e-commerce subscription sites, and companies that help people find jobs. Of course, there are dozens more among the top performers. But the ones we list here not only have high-profit potential but also come with a quick, easy startup. Which of these is best suited to your talents, personal preferences, and ownership style?

Product Review Blogs Are Among the Best Businesses in 2022

If you know one or more product categories well or wish to research one and become an expert on it, you can earn money by writing detailed reviews.

Choose something you enjoy writing about. Likewise, check the competition and see which product categories are inundated with review blogs. It’s probably wise to avoid over-done segments like laptops, entertainment equipment, phones, and cars.

Instead, look for smaller items and devices that represent a popular niche among businesses in the consumer product universe. Keep your reviews detailed and honest.

After about six months of promoting your blog, expect to earn something from advertising. One year out, many review blogs do quite well as long as owners can keep the quality up.

Rental Property Investing Is a Good Business to Be In

Starting investment businesses can be complex affairs, depending on what you invest in and what your expectations are.

However, it’s relatively easy to create a rental real estate investing business. All you need is an account to hold your shares. The unique advantage of buying shares is that there’s no need to make a huge financial commitment.


With shares, you can pick and choose among hundreds of rental houses on the market. Then select the ones that fit your goals and slowly accumulate a portfolio of rental property shares, just as you might do with stocks or bonds.

Keep in mind that shares give you the freedom to put money into multiple properties, thus diversifying your portfolio for minimal risk.

E-Commerce Subscriptions Could Be the Best Businesses for Many

The subscription concept is currently one of the most profitable sectors of the entire retail space. In these types of businesses, sellers offer monthly delivery for members who get special discounts, access to unique gifts, and other benefits of signing on.

You can sell tangible or intangible items, so think carefully about what kinds of items appeal to you. For example, are you more inclined to start a craft business or something related to fitness?

Start small and spend the first few months promoting. Once you get the first several customers onboard, things can ramp up rapidly. Also, spend a considerable amount of time planning at least 12 variations of your initial product. That way, you’ll be ready to cover a monthly subscription service for one year.


A Job Search Service Is a Great Business to Start

Job services are growing in popularity as the global economy worsens. Find customers via advertising on resume writing websites. If you can link up with a resume writer, there’s potential to grow your business quickly. Your role is to generate interview leads for prospective applicants, which means the bulk of your time is spent using online search engines to see where the jobs are.