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5 Tips for Leveraging Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn

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In this post you’ll find five ways to use account-based marketing (ABM) on LinkedIn. This is a highly effective strategy, especially for B2B companies.


Most marketers attest that account-based marketing campaigns are highly effective, outperforming other marketing initiatives. A great social media platform for connecting with companies’ key decision-makers, closing them as clients, is LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn plays a crucial role in any B2B account-based marketing strategy.

LinkedIn ads are ideal for reaching a targeted audience. They bring in higher conversions and give you the opportunity to track profile visits and generate leads. Because of the results you can achieve with LinkedIn ads, it is ideal to incorporate them in your ABM campaign.

This article discusses five ways you can implement LinkedIn ABM targeting. Read on to learn more.

Tip 1: Build a Personal Brand and Increase Your Organic Reach

Having key decision-makers as a part of your existing network is a great way to engage critical accounts. These accounts are more likely to trust and buy from you if you have an established relationship with them.

Likewise, industry professionals and verticals can build a personal brand and build awareness for their solution with LinkedIn account-based marketing. There is no secret hack for growing your personal and company brand on LinkedIn. Nonetheless, the basics are to be authentic and provide your audience with value. On the other hand, showing up only to sell is not the best practice.

Fortunately, you don’t need a rigid publishing schedule, although having one won’t hurt. Your audience determines the type of content you should post. Studies show that LinkedIn users are more likely to share video posts instead of text-only posts. Therefore, using a content format your audience wants to consume is ideal.


Tip 2: Use a Sales Navigator to Build a Targeted Prospects List

Having an updated and accurate target account list is the backbone of any account-based marketing strategy on LinkedIn. It’s best to identify key decision-makers and prospects to engage in each target account.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Subscription is vital for identifying prospects with LinkedIn. Moreover, building a highly targeted and relevant prospect list is easy. You just need a subscription for you and your team. With the Sales Navigator, you can get real-time alerts whenever your prospects engage you or your brand’s content.

With these real-time alerts, scoring leads and seeing the engagement levels of the different decision-makers is easier. Then, you can take action.

Tip 3: Use InMail to Reach Decision-Makers on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn’s InMail correctly will benefit your entire account-based marketing campaign. The first step is to collaborate the InMail with real-time alerts.

Next, you should reach out to a prospect and connect with them directly via InMail, anytime they engage your content. Because the prospect recognizes you, that is the best time to start a conversation.

Finally, ensure your messages are personal. It is best to avoid using stock LinkedIn connection messages. For example, because you may not accept a connection or InMail opening with “Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional LinkedIn network,” you shouldn’t use it for your prospects either.

Instead, personalize your InMail, making messages contextual and friendly. This approach will give you great results.

Tip 4: Create Buy-in with Custom Ads

Because its advertising capabilities are tailored toward B2B companies, LinkedIn is ideal for B2B account-based marketing campaigns. With LinkedIn ABM, you can use the individual company name or the demographic or firmographic criteria to target your ads.

Targeting is crucial to any ABM LinkedIn campaign. B2B buyers are more likely to consider a vendor that engages them with specific content relevant to their job.

An effective strategy for staying in your prospect’s minds is to run contextually relevant LinkedIn ads in the days or weeks preceding a call with decision-makers. In addition, drive opt-ins for webinars or recently published content using ads. This method can solidify your prospects’ trust in your brand.

Expectedly, LinkedIn incorporates rich analytics and reporting in its ads. This helps you track your ad campaign’s performance. Then you can review whether you’re getting the engagement you expect with your marketing efforts.

Tip 5: Obtain Opt-ins for Email Campaigns

After identifying LinkedIn prospects, the next step is moving your conversations to email.

It is important to note that you may be breaching the GDPR or similar laws if your recipients don’t opt in to receive your mails. Fortunately, you can get an opt-in from your prospects using your LinkedIn InMail conversations.

For instance, you can offer to send your prospect an email containing helpful content or a proposal. When they agree and send you their emails, you can confidently send them mails because you will therefore be GDPR-compliant.

Another way to get email opt-ins is to run ads that promote gated content. For instance, webinars and whitepapers require emails for access and attendance.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with an Account-Based LinkedIn Approach

Account-based marketing on LinkedIn is highly effective in converting prospects to clients. Because ABM outperforms other marketing initiatives, this strategy is ideal for B2B companies. Fortunately, you can easily implement LinkedIn’s ABM targeting in your marketing campaign and achieve great results by following the tips we offer in this article.

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