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Most Common Myths About E-Learning Authoring Tools

Featured image by Wes Hicks from Unsplash

The eLearning authoring tools are becoming a popular way for teachers and businesses to train their workforce. Also, it is a great medium for the teachers to share their knowledge with the students.

Despite this increasing popularity, the internet is replete with many myths regarding these authoring tools. This can certainly influence the way you create eLearning content for your employees.

In this article, we will debunk some of those myths about authoring tools. So, let’s go.


1. They Are Too Expensive 

Often, there is a first myth in people’s minds that, “if it is on a computer, well, it would be costly.”

This is a common but an irrational belief. In reality, the eLearning tools are cost effective. Considering certain things like cross cultural and geographical training, these tools are like lifesavers. The companies can save millions of dollars, if they have a wide reach, by breaking the different barriers like and space. 

Most e-learning tools are a one -time investment. Once you design your learning simulation, you can share and use it as many times as you want. This helps in saving precious dollars. Because you don’t need a trainer repeatedly.

 Also, authoring tools like iSpring Suite offer great customizations that can help you to save even more money. So, next time someone tells you that authoring tools are expensive, tell them that they are not.

2. A Great Online Training Only Needs Great Authoring Tools

If you are of the opinion that an authoring tool is all that you need for a great online training, then you are wrong. Of course, a good authoring tool like Ispring Suite can help you to build a great online course. But what is the need of the instructional designers if having a good authoring tool was enough?

An authoring tool is not the only technology that makes the learning courses easy and interactive. Even if you have the best eLearning authoring tools, but without having the right content and strategy, the learning simulation you offer can even be worse than the classroom course it intends to replace. 

So, don’t think that picking the right authoring tool means that everything is sorted. Inculcate other important parameters in your learning courses too, to make them genuinely good.

3. Learning Simulations Have to Be Fun

Authoring tools give an option of adding media, and games to the course editors while creating learning courses. Undoubtedly, including fun activities and games can be a great thing to create engaging learning experiences. However, making it challenging, fascinating, rewarding, worthy, and relevant is indispensable.

Edutainment may get some individuals to take an online course once, but if there is no value in it, there are fair chances of not coming back to that course. 

So, be cautious of adding too much fun in your online courses, and stay connected with the main learning goals for your eLearning courses.


4. If Learners Don’t Finish the Course, It Means That Authoring Tools Are Ineffective

Many times, most or some learners might not finish the entire course after taking it up. But it doesn’t always mean that the authoring tool was responsible for that. When the whole course is designed poorly, and the learning content is wrong, why blame the authoring tools?

Many times, the learners don’t finish the course because they don’t have to. Sometimes, they might take the course with a particular goal. So, they might attend a couple of lessons for that purpose. 

Instead of holding authoring tools falsely responsible for this. You should consider the genuine benefits that these tools bring on the table. Like giving an option of providing customized courses, and many other things. 

5. Authoring Tools Are Not Very Effective 

Some of you might believe these authoring tools are inefficient and unproductive. However, this is not true. These tools enable the course designers to integrate audio, video, or games to your learning content. These additions make your learning courses more effective and engaging.

Also, these tools enable you to measure the results of the learning through summative and formative assessments. This helps you to reinforce the learned concepts and verifies if your course was successful enough or not.

In reality, an eLearning authoring tool is more effective than classroom-based learning methods.


Hopefully, you are now convinced that the eLearning authoring tools are quite efficient. As you know, there are many myths and misconceptions out there, and most of them are totally wrong. 

The thing is that human beings are reluctant to change, and that is a fact. So, instead of wasting time on these myths, embrace the power of authoring tools to design impeccable learning courses for your audience. This way, you will get skyrocketed results, and some serious growth.