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Tips and Tricks Every Electrician Should Know

Featured image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

Regardless of the electrical project you’re starting, there are universal tips and tricks that can help you out. Below, we explore the little life hacks you can use to make your work as an electrician easier.


Bring a Strong Magnet When You’re Doing Electrical Work

A strong magnet can help you with all sorts of electrical work. Often, when you’re inspecting the wiring inside a house, it can be difficult to identify traces through walls, wood, and tiles. But by utilizing a strong magnet, you’ll be able to find the wiring and draw it out without having to damage the interior of a home.

A Good Electrician Carries Pocket Change to Determine Wire Sizes

There’s a simple trick to work out which wire size you need during a job. A twelve-gauge is about the thickness of a nickel and fourteen-gauge about the thickness of a dime. By bringing pocket change with you when you know you’ll be working as an electrician, you’ll be able to calculate this easily.

Add Velcro to Clothing

During your electrical project you’ll often be working alone. However, you can give yourself an extra pair of hands by sewing Velcro strips onto your clothing. This can allow you to carry extra items as you get on with the task.

Keep Your Toolbox Nearby

Having your toolbox nearby is crucial at all times. You never know when you might urgently need a tool during a project. From the essential hammer and screwdrivers to the more sophisticated cordless drill, there are all sorts of different tools that might help you out. Having a resistor kit in your toolbox is particularly important for electrical tasks where you’ll need to limit the electrical flow heading through a circuit.

Use Jack Chain Rather Than String

String is useful for grabbing onto uneven surfaces when you’re measuring a distance. However, if you need to apply a little stress, then a length of jack chain could be more useful. Its weight means that it can slide down past obstructions. Meanwhile, it also has the durability for you to pull it without jeopardizing the connection.

Use Remodel Electrical Boxes

Remodel electrical boxes are also handy during electrical work which you can find at any electrical supply store. These are best installed when the wall or drywall you’re working on is complete. They’re particularly useful for protecting the contents of the box as they have tabs that work against the backside of the wall. They are sometimes known as cut-in boxes due to the practicality they offer when finishing off a wall.


Wrapping Up

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned electrician or whether you’re a beginner looking to complete your first electrical project, there are always little hacks for improving. By using any of the tricks above you might find that your next task becomes that little bit easier.