Website Ranking

7 Simple Tips to Increase Your Website Ranking

Featured image by Lee Campbell from Unsplash

Do you own a website? If you do not, you should work on having one, specifically a high ranking website. A website is the first form of contact between you and your customers. Every person looking for skills, services, and products that you provide uses search engines to find a related brand. If you do not have a website, your business will not be visible to your customers. 

However, designing and launching a website is not enough! You need to work to increase its ranking, drive traffic so that your sales and conversions rates increase. But, the question arises, how to increase ranking on your own? Here are some valuable tips to increase your website ranking.

Tip 1: Write and Share Valuable Content

The best tip to get a higher ranking is writing and sharing valuable content. If your website has helpful content for people, search engines will start seeing your website as an authoritative site. That will rank it higher.

The content should have proper keywords focusing on the search intent of the user. If you cannot answer the queries, you will not find your page anywhere on any search engine.

Tip 2: Write Guest Posts

Guest posts are another impressive way to build backlinks and improve the ranking of your website. It would be best to find authoritative blogs where you can write quality blogs promoting any webpage of your website or a product/service.

If you do not have the manpower or skills to write guest blogs, you can hire a company providing guest post services in India. They can give you the best guest posts which can help your website:

  • Build backlinks
  • Increase ranking
  • Drive traffic, and
  • Build a relationship with your colleagues.

Tip 3: Do You Have Zombie Pages? Delete Them!

If your website has tons of zombie pages, you have to delete them. What is a zombie page? It’s a webpage that doesn’t attract any traffic. No one visits those pages or even updates them. Such pages only bring your website down.

When you get rid of such zombie pages, there is a high chance that your site’s ranking will improve.


Tip 4: Work On the Technical Aspect of Your Website

Content is not the only aspect of your website. You have to work on the technical aspect of your website for a higher ranking. How? By doing on-page and off-page SEO. This includes:

  • Optimize your website for crawl ability. 
  • Have website security to protect the website to ensure website ranking does not get any hit.
  • These and more technical aspects of your website are imperative as they will help visitors find your website.


Tip 5: Make Sure to Add Related Keywords to All Content

Adding keywords to your content is necessary for increasing your search engine ranking. However, to make it to the top page, you must add related keywords. These are synonyms or other keywords which are related to your content.

Adding them helps Google understand your content better, according to Google’s Hummingbird update. It will analyze your topic and get you a better ranking.

Tip 6: Add Text to Your Videos, Podcasts, and Infographics

Videos, podcasts, and infographics can invite tons of traffic to your website. To ensure that these also help you get a high ranking, you need to add this visual content. Why? It is because it allows Google to understand your content better and rank it.

Tip 7: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

One of the best tips to help you improve the ranking of your website is to make it mobile-friendly. Google is experimenting with ‘mobile-first indexing. It means that it will index your mobile-website first than your desktop one.

Also, people access their website on mobile more, so you need to make sure your website works well on mobile.

Wrapping Up 

These tips are a sure-fire way to increase the ranking of your website. Unless your page comes on the first page or the top of an organic search, your business is not making the impact you envisioned. Thus, try these tips, as they may take time but will surely fetch you results.