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Proven Strategies for Successful Project Management

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If you are in a position of leadership for a project, you may be asking yourself, “What are some strategies I can implement to make success more likely?” We connected with a few business experts to gain their insights into project management.


Projects are not specific to one or a few industries. They exist in every area of the professional world. From developing new product ideas to shoring up a customer service effort, there is an infinite number of things that could benefit from good project management.

But in order for a project to be successful, the right leader must be in place. This person guides people on a predetermined path in search of success. Additionally, they also make decisions about the budget, goals, and roles of employees within the project. With all of this and so much more, the duties of a project leader are nothing to look down one’s nose at. If the person in charge does not rise to the occasion in front of them, a project is sure to fail.


Business writer Tom Peters summed it up this way: “Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.”

Be Clear

Rob Bartlett is the CEO of WTFast, a brand offering a VPN service for people who play video games. He believes ensuring every member of a team has an understanding of the goals is necessary.

“If employees do not know what they’re working towards or why they’re working towards something, it’s really hard for them to be engaged. Abstract concepts related to success or methods of operation will only serve to bog down any productivity you’re hoping to achieve. In the early stages of your project, take the time to inform your team of what the expectations or hopes are and what everyone will be doing in order to reach those. Basically, you want to avoid leaving employees in the dark in any capacity. If they’re well-informed, they’ll be more engaged.”

Practice Forward-Thinking for Successful Project Management

QuaGrowth specializes in email marketing. Their CEO, Jason Boehle, suggests using some foresight to identify potential issues.

“It’d be crazy to think at the start of any project that you won’t face any adversity. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, something will pop up that prompts you to seek a solution. Obviously, some of these cannot be planned for. But you can anticipate some of them if you’re forward-thinking. As you review your plans for your project, see if you and your team can find some areas where you believe the project may encounter a speed bump. If you’re proactive about it, these bumps could be smoothed over before you get there. At the very least, you’ll at least be aware of its presence as you approach it.”


Some projects require more than a simple job title. Cottage is a business providing custom-built accessory dwelling units. Their founder and CEO, Alex Czarnecki, considers it appropriate for some leaders to become certified before taking on that next project. 

“You would be surprised at how many career paths revolve around certifications that, when held, will allow a person to do so much more than they were previously. Business analysis, IT systems, risk management and more fall into this category. For many of these certifications, it’s about topical knowledge but also the reassurance that a person is qualified to be doing the work they’re doing. So, if you’re in a job that depends on you to have the right certifications, you best set aside the time to study and obtain them.”

Choose Wisely

Brandon Lurie is the marketing director of Y Meadows, a brand offering AI customer service solutions. He advises others to be thoughtful about selecting people to be part of a team.

“Just because a team appears to be a dream team on paper does not mean they’ll be successful in reality. People have too many personal variables to assume that relationships will flow smoothly. Furthermore, the people who make up your team can absolutely make or break any project even if it seems routine and simple. If you have control over who is going to work on your team, choose wisely. Think about how personality types will mesh and if there are any existing relational issues that may derail any movement towards success,”

Be a Team Player

VITAL specializes in a credit card with unique rewards. Their CEO, Chris Bridges, believes the quickest way to rally the troops is to become a part of them.

“In the world of project management, the word team is incredibly common but it doesn’t always hold the same meaning. While the very textbook definition of team may be met by most of these groups, they can sometimes lack that unity which sets a team apart from its peers. These types of teams are always collaborating and pushing each other to succeed. This doesn’t happen simply because a leader wishes it. A leader must be a team player to nurture that teamwork which is so desirable. By leading through example, you’re setting the standard for how your team will operate.”

Keep Track

Understanding what has been done and when it was done is critical in business. Vaster Capital is a business providing custom mortgage solutions. Their vice president of bridge lending, George Fraguio, proposes documenting all important events and decisions related to the project at hand.

“As any productive employee knows, organization is a key element in making that productivity happen. This idea extends to the data and information about the project you’re working with. Details about conversations, plans, tasks, and more should all be kept track of. Doing so will make your life that much easier as nothing gets accidentally swept under the rug. One of the worst feelings you can sit with is when a problem could’ve been avoided by your own actions but you did nothing instead. This is an example of that. It may not be easy to keep track of all the details but your future self will thank you for doing so.”

Subscribe to the Right Project Management Software

Jared Hines is the head of operations of Acre Gold, a brand offering users the ability to buy and save gold on a subscription basis. He cautions others to not turn a blind eye towards the technology that can benefit their company.

“Every person in every industry likely uses electronics in their work in some way, shape, or form, even if it’s just temporary. Phones, computers, machinery, and so much more are built around modern software that makes our lives easier. Your next work project can also be affected in a similar way. There is project management software out there for any project you can dream of. From small businesses to the largest corporations in the world, software exists to make your next project seem like a dream.”


Go Back to the Tape

OSDB specializes in professional athlete information. Their co-founder and CEO, Ryan Rottman, considers it imperative not to leave a project behind once it has been completed.

“It seems logical that once your project has reached its conclusion, you would put it behind you without giving it a second look. It makes sense, you’ve got other things on your plate to replace the time you had dedicated to your completed project. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go back and continue to put effort into something that has concluded – that would be a waste of time. But, you should go back to the tape so to speak. What can you learn from that project? Where did you perform well and where did you fall short? How can you become better from all of this?”

Every Company Needs Successful Project Management

Successful project management is a necessity for any company to build and maintain stability. It is not the only thing that makes up a company, but it may be the most impactful. Joy Gumz, the director of Project Auditors LLC, spoke to this, “Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.”