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5 Success Stories from Home Improvement Business Owners

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The road to success is not a smooth one. It is filled with twists, turns, and bumps that can easily knock you down if you’re not prepared for it. However, those determined to achieve their goals will find a way to overcome these challenges and eventually reach the top. This is certainly true for those who own and operate a home improvement business.


These entrepreneurs have to deal with all sorts of obstacles daily. For example, they have to deal with financing companies, negotiate with suppliers, and please customers. But despite these challenges, they’ve managed to create a successful business that helps improve the lives of others. Moreover, some have achieved great success in this industry thanks to their hard work and determination.

What makes them successful in a field that is notoriously difficult to break into? If you are interested in finding out, you should surely read on. That’s because in this blog post, we share some of the success stories of home improvement business owners. Be ready to be inspired.

1. West Shore Home by BJ Werzyn

BJ Werzyn is the owner and founder of West Shore Home. This is a home improvement business that has traversed many challenging paths to reach its destination.

West Shore Home is a top qualified remodeler. However, the company’s success didn’t come easily. There have been times when things looked so bleak that Werzyn thought of shutting down the company. But he is not one to give up easily. He dusts himself off, gets back up, and starts fighting again. This resilience has helped him and his company to reach new heights.

West Shore Home focuses on developing repeatable and scalable solutions. They use technology and innovation to increase the efficiency of their operations. Werzyn has also successfully built a great team that shares his passion and dedication to their work. They also offer financing programs to their customers, which has helped them acquire new customers.

2. WMGB Home Improvement by George Clark

George Clark is the Vice President of WMGB Home Improvement, a home improvement business in Michigan. The company has been in the home improvement industry for more than 35 years. WMGB Home Improvement completes more than 7,000 home audit projects every year. Plus, they work on innovating and retrofitting more than 2,000 projects each year. They specialize in glass blocks, prime replacement windows and doors, basement egress windows, home insulation, and air-sealing.

Due to the nature of their business, they have to deal with many customers. Moreover, as you can imagine, not all of their customers are happy with the results. But Clark and his team don’t let unhappy customers get them down. They try to make things right with each and every customer. Then they use these adverse experiences to learn and improve their business processes. As a result, they’ve created a thriving business.

3. Leaf Home by Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck and Matt Kaulig are the founders of Leaf Home, a home improvement company that specializes in home products such as home protection and gutter protection solutions. They also create customized designs for kitchen cabinets, bathroom upgrades, and many other things.

Jeff Beck started the business as LeafFilter Gutter Protection. Thanks to his dedication and hard work, his small business grew to a multimillion-dollar business. He has worked diligently on technology in order to solve several issues with the product, the company’s website, and its data.

Matt Kaulig also plays a vital role in the success of Leaf Home with significant contributions to the sales of the company’s products. He takes necessary measures at the right time required to grow the business.

Leaf Home is now one of the leading home improvement companies in the United States.

4. Mahoney’s Home Improvement by Tim Mahony

Tim Mahony is the owner of Mahoney’s Home Improvement, a home improvement company based in Wyandotte, Michigan. The company offers repairs and remodel for bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring. The company has been in business for more than 10 years and has completed numerous projects.

At the beginning of his business in 2012, Mahoney faced several challenges. For example, obtaining sufficient funding was a major challenge in the beginning.

Then Lendio, one of the best third-party finance companies for small businesses, helped him get the financial assistance he needed to keep his business running. With the appropriate finances and a strong determination to succeed, Mahoney grew his business and made it a success.

5. Statewide Remodeling by Jerry Melton

Jerry Melton is the founder and CEO of Statewide Remodeling, specializing in roofing, siding, window replacement, insulation, and more.

Today Statewide Remodeling has a number of showrooms and offices and offers its services to more than 40,000 customers. Since its inception, Statewide Remodeling has faced numerous challenges, but Melton and his team have never given up.

Melton knows the importance of hard work and dedication in the home improvement industry. He has always been passionate about his work and puts in a lot of dedication and hard work to Statewide Remodeling. This has helped his home improvement business to become successful and grow at a fast pace.



If you have a dream to open and grow a home improvement business, we hope these stories have given you inspiration to start working toward your success today.

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